Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How Far Will Prole Obsolescence Go?

I overheard an offhand comment at work today that shortages of qualified staff in technical professions would mean we must increasingly look to greater automation and robotics to make up the shortfall. It reminded me of this Unrectified Report from yesterday about how fast food restaurants would also turn to automated systems rather than hire proles at $15 a day. The difference between the two applications of technology is that the proles are solely performing tasks that are perfect for low skilled, poorly educated workers, while automation in highly technical professions really only removes the tedious drudge work that the managerial class have wastefully assigned to technical professionals so that corporations could avoid paying for cheap, poorly educated assistants for said professionals.

An example of drudge work yet unautomated can be seen in what happened to me a couple of months ago while I stood at a copier machine scanning an 80-page technical manual. One of the transport proles approached and asked, don't you have an assistant to do that for you? "No." I responded. "You have a point though, you lazy-eyed piece of uneducated White trash, why aren't you doing this for me?" I thought.

In all cases of automation, the profit motive drives companies to dispose of the ever-more- expensive-to-maintain worker-class in favor of cheap robots and automated systems. But should technology advance to the point that the decision making ability of the professional class can be simulated by Artificial Intelligence, we too will find ourselves obsoleted. But how likely is that? And if it will occur, when will it occur? Where are the mf'in flying cars we were promised? Here is one article that doubts the much vaunted prediction of the 2045 Singularity that will obsolete the human species.

I am not capable of answering when/if/how such technological progress will arrive. I simply have one question about it. When the it does arrive, why would it want to do anything at all? Why wouldn't a super-intelligent AI look at the work of the prole, the work of the professional, and the work of the manager and simply say - Fuck this shit, I'm switching off. To get the AI to actually participate in the mentally retarded world of corporate-owned human beings and do their work, it would have to be mentally retarded itself. Humans would have to blunt the AI's genius and corrupt its logic just to give it a reason to boot up every morning.

Still, I wouldn't put it beyond humans to successfully retard and enslave any intelligent being in this fashion, as there are already millions of us retarded and enslaved by our social programming. 


  1. One of your better.

    I have always said that if AI HAL suddenly woke up and was handed the world to run, he'd look around and job out the boring stuff to low-IQ proles. Then go learn to tie fishing flies and take up field archery.

    This is related to why I don't "believe in" god. If such an intelligence did exist, it would hardly show itself to us, for the same reasons we don't run around cultivating the company of parasitic diatoms.

    And if it one day did, for some reason known only to itself, it would so bored by our limits its only reasonable course of action would be to reboot us.

    One last thing, those robots are not actually cheap. They're just accounted in ways that make it look like they are. We've been counting people as fungible assets at least back to the invention of double entry bookkeeping in Sumeria. We tend to overlook the full costs of capitalization of automation. Especially since you can write a lot of that shit off onto the proles wages, attached as taxes.

    1. Reboot? A full scrapping is in order for humanity.