Thursday, November 12, 2015

Homos vs. Mormons - Round 2

Alternate title: Fruits vs. Zombies - Round 2

I love Culture Wars almost as much as I love White Whateverist Movement Wars.

A week after the Church of JC of LDS announced it would not permit the children of homosexual couples to become members, a judge in Utah has ruled that a lesbian couple will have their 1-year-old foster daughter removed from their custody. LINK

"It's not fair and it's not right and it just hurts me really badly," said April Hoagland, sitting next to her wife, Beckie Peirce. A judge ordered that their foster child be removed from their Carbon County, Utah, home and placed with a heterosexual couple instead. [Judge Scott Johansen ordered the child] removed from her foster home because he said she would be better off with heterosexual parents.

It's possible that Judge Johansen is not a Mormon, and his decision had nothing to do with the LDS's recent homo-unfriendly moves, but the timing is interesting. Remember when all it took to spark queer-outrage was a pizza parlor refusing to cater a hypothetical gay wedding? Back then it looked as if the homosexual culture war had been won in favor of the butt-burglar-pride movement. However, there are still some pockets of resistance it would seem.

How long can the Utah resistance possibly hold out? According to this article, a "mass resignation" from the Mormon church is planned for Saturday, while church leadership may already be reconsidering their edict. I can't wait to see how God's divine plan will change next.


  1. How can anyone say there is no gay agenda?
    Trannies and bug chasers are just the start
    Well done to the Mormon weirdos

  2. The faggots themselves admit as much:

    This story reports that thousands of faggots and their sympathizers resigned from the Church yesterday, but also gives a candid admission (see below the link)

    "A recent poll conducted by event organizers and posted on the LDS Mass Resignation Facebook page shows only 5 percent of those who resigned this weekend attend an LDS church on a weekly or monthly basis."

    Pathetic and disingenuous as always, queers.

  3. "It's not fair and it's not right and it just hurts me really badly,"

    Well, obviously your child's best interests are all about YOU and your widdle feewings.

    By the way, shag muncher, don't you two already have a couple of sprogs you're socially experimenting on?

    "in August, Peirce and Hoagland welcomed a 1-year-old girl into their home, where she joined the couple’s two biological children."

    I'm not exactly sure how "the couple" has "biological children" unless we're redefining "the couple" as "them and their sperm donors" or "biological" as now including turkey basters.

    1. HA! They visit the kitchen utensil drawer in order to see their daddy.

      By the way, the judge in the case immediately caved after slight media pressure: