Thursday, November 05, 2015

Heap Big Hypocrisy


Every year, photos of Halloween revelers donning blackface trickle out to the daylight of the internet. But they rarely feature people like Terry Rambler, chairman of the San Carlos Apache Tribe in Arizona.

This year, Rambler dressed as Jamaican musician Bob Marley, complete with dreadlocks wig, rasta beanie and what appears to be blackface. But the costume is an odd choice for Rambler, who joined other tribe leaders, in signing a pledge opposed to the name of the Washington Redskins.

This is all the White Man's fault. Paleface invent'um Halloween, racism, and fire water. Put three together and gettum' injun blackface.

On a completely unrelated topic... The Anonymous OpKKK dump occurred today. The expert hackers have exposed Tom Metzger as a Klansman ... no joke. The hoods are really off now. Line 1650. LINK. I will post in the Unrectified Reports section some links to White Whateverist reactions to the dump.


  1. Anonymous?bunch of fags,when was the last time kkk did anything?, it's like the Jews still crying over holohaux, why are anonymous not saying anything about the niggers? Take off them faggot masks

  2. Where do they get the idea he "dressed as Bob Marley"? It doesn't say that in his "social" media post.

    1. Good point - after all, did Bob Marley wear t-shirts with his own picture on them?