Friday, November 13, 2015

Grace An: Tiger Mom with Packing Tape

It's never to early for Asian American "Tiger" mothers to teach their kids to sit still, shut their mouths, and do exactly as they are told. In this case, one Tiger mother started her son's lessons in conformity and obedience when he was just sixteen months old. But strangely, she chose not to use the tried and true tools of guilt, shame, and a steady stream of ear-piercing Chingy Chong insults, but simple packing tape.

HALL COUNTY, Ga. — An 18-year-old mother is in custody after being accused of wrapping her toddler with packing tape and leaving him in a locked car for hours. [...] No motive is known, but Grace An is charged with first degree child cruelty, reckless conduct and false imprisonment.

No motive is known? REALLY wanting her spawn to be still and quiet seem like the most likely motives. Let's continue ...

Authorities said she [ ] locked her tied-up toddler inside the car and walked down the hill to Lake Lanier to sit and think. An was gone for hours. When it got dark, authorities said she went to nearby homes asking to use a phone to call a locksmith. She said she locked her keys in the car, but didn't mention that her son was in the car, authorities said.

See? She just wanted some zen-time.

It was when the locksmith opened An's car that he discovered the child bound in the backseat. The article also says she was raising the child alone while living with her parents. Very interesting ... let's put on our racist investigator hats and postulate, shall we?

I think the most likely scenario is that her baby daddy is a nigger. She is near Atlanta, after all. Being a nigger-fucker is the sort of thing one would expect only a mentally defective/retarded Asian woman to do. And being a mental defective, she wrapped her chigglet in packing tape, locked him in a car with the keys still inside, and then called a locksmith to the scene allowing her crime to be discovered rather than simply smashing the window with a rock and keeping her crime concealed.

Now, it is possible that her baby-daddy is a Chalky or a fellow Chingy Chong, in which case she is probably just panda-shit crazy. But that would not explain why she is so stupid as to have gotten knocked up at 16 in the first place. Buddha help us if Asian girls have started getting dumbed down to this level and yet they are still able to find White or Asian guys with whom to breed. Amerikwa has enough problems with White Trash, we don't need Asian / Half-Asian Trash as well.


  1. She's trash alright. I'm disappointed in her parents. Have they no shame?

    1. Great question. With any luck, this is what Grace sees when she gets her first visitor in jail: