Sunday, November 08, 2015

Georgia State Trooper Preserves Halloween for Recently Orphaned Children

It's a feel good (bellyfeel) story that makes me say, Wha??? I'm probably in the extreme minority on this one (what's new) but something just doesn't sit well with this tale:

Georgia State Trooper Nathan Bradley responded to a car crash on Oct. 31 in Morgan County where two parents were killed while going out to get Halloween makeup for their kids [...]

Bradley decided not to tell the kids that their parents had died because he "wanted to preserve these kids' Halloween and the ones to come."

Bradley took the kids out to eat, watched movies with them and put them to bed. They found out about their parents' deaths on Nov. 1 instead of Halloween.
“I care a lot about them, I really do and I want to watch them succeed," Bradley told WSB-TV. "I don't want this tragedy to shadow the rest of their life. Our purpose was to preserve their future holidays as far as Halloween goes," he added. "We didn't want them to relate this tragedy to Halloween. "We want them to relate it to Nov. 1.”

I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is just something truly creepy about all this. So if the parents had died on October 30th, the kids would be off to protective custody. But since it was Halloween, the Trooper gets to take the children out on the town and then tuck them in while their parents, unbeknownst to them, are in the morgue? Why do they deserve this attention? Why is this trooper going so far out of social norms for these kids? What more is there going on here that is making my racist-sense tingle? Let's head over to the Go Fund Me page the officer set up to benefit the orphans ...

Ah, there it is. What a gift it is to have such well refined racial sensibilities! I knew there was more to this story, and here it is - The White Savior Complex got hold of Officer Nathan Bradley and he picked up the White Man's Burden with gusto. Yet another Blind Side story is born. This has cuckservatism written all over it, right down to the narrative that cops love darkies and "care a lot about them". Very recently, I shared with you gentle readers a similar case of an Officer White Savior rescuing some mudlings in distress via conspicuous consumption. No need to make more White kids when there are so many brown ones in need of White daddies - isn't that right, you mud-loving po-pos?

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  1. Oh I dunno. He unwittingly took his good heart, pathological altruism, and love of ancient European festivals...

    ...and made sure that forever these mixed race kids would associate Hell Night with the death of their parents and being in police custody. With the eldest sibling dressed as Freddy Krueger.

    The creep factor for me: why were both parents leaving four kids aged 6 to 13 alone "to go buy face paint"? What is that a euphemism for?

    The part I liked on the GFM page, "They have six dogs, two of whom are pregnant."