Monday, November 09, 2015

Drunk White Trash Makes 9-Year-Old Drive Him to Store for BBQ Sauce

When White people behave like niggers, it is important that they be condemned for same. Quoting...

A drunk Ohio man was arrested after he had his nine-year-old neighbor drive him to a gas station to buy him barbecue sauce, police said.

Corey D. Mathias, 27, had the boy drive the two blocks to Pit Stop on E Perry St in Tiffin so they could have sauce for their chicken dinner.

When Mathias and his neighbor found out there was no sauce at the store they went back to the car and the child returned to the driver's seat.

Windsor said that's when clerks at the store went outside and told Mathias, 'If you let the kid drive, we're calling the police.'

Officers found Mathias at his home and arrested him. Windsor said his blood-alcohol content level was 0.300, which is more than three times the 0.08 legal limit.

Here's hoping cirrhosis finishes you off Mathias before you next get the hankering for some BBQ.


  1. Ha ha the difference is when a Nigger does it the media always portrays the nigger as the victim
    What was the faggot doing with a 9 year old boy?

    1. They were probably planning a double-date with Jared from Subway and his next door neighbor's kid.