Saturday, November 28, 2015

Deranged Muzzie Attacks Rabbis

... and promptly gets his ass pinned to the concrete by a 400 pound Kike who doesn't back down.

Fascinating. Remember, dear Jews, that when the Whities have all suicided themselves off and given their homelands to the Muslim hordes, you will be alone with the brown refuse of the planet ... in paradise.


  1. When the whites leave Europe and America the kikes will deal with the muzzies and niggers

    Cuckservative white governments won't do shit
    The kikes have alot more in common with the muzzies and won't hesitate to use violence unlike whitey

    1. Don't forget Australia. That's where this video was taken.

  2. The 'funny' thing is that across our news here this has been widely reported as being a "vile racist attack".


    1. Pathetic.

      That's because "racist" is the real-world-equivalent of the fictional Newspeak "doupleplusungood". "Racist" has replaced the words "bad", "evil", "heretic", and "dissenter".


      ***To say that something or somebody is the best, Newspeak uses doubleplusgood, while the worst would be doubleplusungood (e.g., "Big Brother is doubleplusgood, Emmanuel Goldstein is doubleplusungood").***


      ***To say that something or somebody is the best, English uses tolerant, while the worst would be racist (e.g., "Open borders make us tolerant, closed borders make us racist", "The Democrats are tolerant, the Republicans are racist", "Letting Darquell skip his final exam because he was triggered by a Rebel Flag sticker on a laptop is tolerant, making him take his final exam anyway is racist").