Sunday, November 01, 2015

Colorado Springs Shooter: Calmly and Collectively

Yesterday afternoon there was a shooting in Colorado Springs. 3 people were shot to death in the street before cops took down the shooter. There is still no public information on the shooter or his victims, and the most widely circulated report of the event contains very odd quotes in the headline:

Colorado Gunman Who Killed 3 Moved 'Calmly' and 'Collectively,' Witness Says

A single person moved collectively? I think the word he was looking for is collectedly, but that didn't stop other media organizations picking up the retarded headline and running with it. And before you ask, no, the witness was not a ooga booga, it was a Chalky.

Why choose those words to quote? Collectedly also means calmly, so calmly would have been sufficient. Is there no editor on weekends at ABC News? Don't you Mass Media morons have any responsibility for making sure quotes are integrated sensibly into your articles? In the bygone era of accuracy in reporting, "[sic]" would have appeared if such a quote was needed in an article. In the same era, a reporter might have asked a follow-up question such as "Do you mean collectedly?" If the witness had said the gunman moved "calamity" and "collectedly", would you have just quoted that as well? Collectively, what the hell is going on in the media these days?


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  2. I'm convinced that most print media weeds out the literate wanna be reporters and only hires the (mental) handicapped. They think that Spelt Czech is all they need for an editor. Meanwhile the writers and reporters are busy tweeting their equally retarded acquaintances when they should be enrolled in remedial English classes.

  3. THIS time, it wasn't a dindu. It was a white dude with mental issues.