Tuesday, November 24, 2015

CDN Supports Removal of Jefferson Statue at Missou

A petition has been posted at Change.Org, calling for the removal of Thomas Jefferson's statue from the campus of the University of Missouri. This is a petition that I, Adrean Arlott, most enthusiastically endorse. First Missou, and eventually, that blighted Jefferson memorial in D.C must be removed, to blot out Jefferson from American history. Let's read some quotes from the petition itself:

Some individuals may not see Thomas Jefferson’s statue in the quad as a form of oppression, but in higher education settings where highly conscious students are present, it is relatively easy to see and read such nonverbal messages.

Highly conscious indeed ...

Jefferson, one of the Founding Fathers who preached “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man” (Wilbur, 1962, p. 7) and that all men created equal, but possessed slaves up until his death July 4, 1862.

When Jefferson died at the ripe old age of 119 ...

This was a man that raped 16 year old Sally Hemings, a young innocent house slave (Burstein, 2005). Burstein (2005) wrote, "Sally Hemings appears to have had only the singular sexual obligation of accommodating her master on occasion. The common denominator is that domestic labor meant restriction, and sex was potentially just another chore for the unfree"(Burstein, 2005, p. 163).

Thomas Jefferson’s statue sends a clear nonverbal message that his values and beliefs are supported by the University of Missouri.

Yes! It is time that this man be brought low for his crimes against humanity. At the core of Thomas Jefferson's being is a taint that cannot be erased by the passing of centuries. Regardless of his contributions to our nation, the fact remains he practiced bestiality with his livestock. Our nation cannot continue to honor a White man who would have sex with a sub-ape-ess. Trying to make it less offensive by calling it rape is pulling the punch so as not to offend Whities who don't want to acknowledge that their penchant for so-called "race mixing" is in fact bestiality by another name.

Bring down these statues of Jefferson - and let the world know that our nation is no longer going to ignore his aberrant sexual desire for animals.


  1. Who will they replace the statue with? Kanye(muh dik) West?
    Murderous nigger Mandela?

    If you want a story, google zoe stavri, I'm too disgusted to post the details,disgusting dyke kike

    1. With Jewesses like that around, no wonder the jew-boys prefer unleavened bread.

  2. Black women can't be raped because they never reject any advances. I am over the hill and I have never seen it. And I used to work in da clubs in my misspent youth. And if the guy is a fetching white guy of some means and social preemincence? Ludicrous to think she wouldn't jump at the chance. If a man of Jefferson's stature, an aristocrat in France as well as the States, would choose to fornicate with a negress, he is a truly degenerate pervert. I just don't buy it.

    1. It is not within my purview to comment on the voracity of the claim, but my general policy is simply to accept the truth of every Leftist claim, but simply look at it through my own perspective.

      At a bare minimum Jefferson knew his daughter's maid Sally was popping out mixed-race children out of wedlock. Any decent White man would have punished the Chalky responsible and sold Sally down the river along with her quadroon progeny. That would have immediately squelched the salacious rumor mongering that has led to Jefferson's besmirched reputation down to the present day, and prevented Hemings popping out a total of SIX mixed race kids - some of whom passed for White as adults.


      If Jefferson had been a decent man, he would have seen those children for the abomination that they were and acted swiftly to put an end to the bestiality that produced them.

  3. And if a man lie with a beast, he shall surely be put to death: and ye shall slay the beast.

    Leviticus 20:15

    1. I wonder what Jebus would have said about throwing the first stone, in the event the adulteress brought before him had been having sex with animals.

  4. Not to interfere with the comedic intent, there is no proof Jefferson himself fathered a kid with Hemmings. They couldn't narrow the DNA down any closer than SOMEONE in the Jefferson line. So the BLMs are lying about that, too.

    1. Please see my comment with the Monticello link above. All that Leftists do is lie. It is pointless to argue facts with them, because they so effortlessly restructure facts to serve their purposes. And should your facts actually threaten their power, they will simply make your facts illegal.

      I recommend accepting the reality they present and twisting it to serve our purposes, rather than trying to defend the existing reality that the Leftists are tearing down, and that the cuckservatives are selling out.

      White Whateverists keep standing their ground and commanding the tide not to rise, even though it will inevitably drown them. Move - stay ahead of the tide and keep your feet dry, confident that the tide will one day recede, and those who weren't immobile will have survived to carry on.

      The America of the Founding Fathers has been dead for a long time. Let the leftists play with the corpse like the animals that they are. It's time for new Founding Fathers, ones who won't make a mistake like poisoning an entire continent with malevolent sub-ape-creatures.

  5. AnonymousWed Nov 25, 05:28:00 PM GMT-5

    Not to interfere with the comedic intent, there is no proof Jefferson himself fathered a kid with Hemmings. They couldn't narrow the DNA down any closer than SOMEONE in the Jefferson line. So the BLMs are lying about that, too.

    The most likely suspect is Thomas's brother Randolf, who was known to cavort with the help....

    Jefferson's political enemies created the "Thomas was kanoodling with the slaves" meme, as a weapon to be used against him.