Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Brooms, Sawdust, Mops, Aborted Fetuses

Do you remember the $25,000 Pyramid? No? Damn whippersnappers.

For those of you who do, I want you to picture Betty White sequentially naming the objects in the post title, and imagine what the square says behind the contestant's head. It would look something like this:


Two Planned Parenthood clinics in Pennsylvania are being cited for violations that included biohazard containers found in a janitor’s closet and baby body parts discovered decomposing in bags. [...]

“From storing aborted babies body parts in bags in a janitor’s closet, to leaving used needles scattered on the floor, to failing to conduct background checks on employees who worked with children, Planned Parenthood continues to show that it cares little for anything but its own bottom line.”

What did you expect them to do? Make each fetus a little coffin and give it a Christian burial? The Leftists have actually been using their trashing off fetuses as a counter argument to those who objected to the Planned Parenthood's selling of fetal body parts! Quoting:

On August 4, 2015, Alternet published "6 Things to Say to Your Conservative Relatives Who Buy Into Anti-Planned Parenthood Propaganda." Author Amanda Marcotte writes, "Ask your conservative relative if he would prefer the fetal tissue to be thrown in the trash, since that is the only alternative."

As I mentioned in the comments section of yesterday's post, I don't recommend defending against the Slow March Left and all the horrors it perpetrates. I recommend accepting the reality they present and twisting it to our advantage. What the world needs now, is abortions, sweet abortions. Constant, universal, methodical abortions. Concerned with videos of Planned Parenthood doctors munching salad and talking about dead baby body parts? What we need are restaurants where women can have abortions while they are eating their salad and talking about dead baby body parts. Then they could request the waiter bring them a biohazard bag so they can take the leftovers home for the dog. After all, who needs kids when there are shelters overflowing with homeless pets.

Thank you, Betty White.


  1. PP in PA is mostly Philly.

    Ergo mostly black.

    Thus, I care not.

    1. In that case, we can set up an integrated lunch counter for the dine-in abortion market.