Saturday, November 07, 2015

9/11 Virtual Reality Game

This gives failing at Tower Defense a whole new meaning ...

A disturbing new virtual reality simulator lets players live out the unspeakable horror of the 2001 terror attacks from inside the North Tower — and it's drawing fire.

Ah, journalistic objectivity in all its splendor. Notice there is actually no need to name the objector, because it's already "drawing fire" from the author of the article, who describes the simulator as "disgusting". Even the pictures displayed on the article are entitled "sickvid". Continuing to quote:

Created by a group of student developers in France, the first-person 3D simulator is titled "[08:46]" in a nod to the exact time the first hijacked plane slammed into the World Trade Center.

Gamers assume the role of someone in an upper-floor North Tower office as the two planes crash, the buildings erupt in flames and victims scramble in vain for an exit, video of the simulator posted on YouTube reveals. Trapped workers make desperate phones calls, cry, gasp for air, break windows - and even jump.

"Why would anyone do this? It's disgusting. It hurts," Denise Matuza, whose husband Walter Matuza died in the North Tower, told the Daily News Monday.

You know, this gives me an idea for a game ... Holocaust Simulator 1942. Hey, you Jews want to play? Here, put on these virtual reality glasses.
Now I know it will seem like nothing has changed and that you are still you in 2015, but that's just artistic license. I really want you to feel that it is you experiencing the Holocaust, otherwise what is the point of immersive virtual technology, right?. Now, if you'll follow me down this hallway, I will take you to the crematorium, where you can climb into a virtual reality oven. I'm just going to lock this door behind you ... virtually. You should be feeling the virtual flames any minute now ...


  1. Except that the 9.11 attacks actually happened, fully documented, on all sorts of live media.

    1. SHHHHH!!!!! Don't let the 9/11 Truthers hear you say that or they will kill us all!