Tuesday, October 27, 2015

White Deputy Tosses Teen Negress Around Like a Sack of Chitlins

Sometimes, dindu'ing nuffin is the reason cops kick your darkie behind. The dindu'ing in this case is a sub-ape-ess's refusal to leave a South Carolina classroom when requested to so by the teacher, the school administrator, and a cop:

COLUMBIA, S.C. — A girl who refused to surrender her phone after texting in math class was flipped backward and tossed across the classroom floor by a sheriff’s deputy, prompting a federal civil rights probe on Tuesday. [...] Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott suspended Senior Deputy Ben Fields without pay, and said what he did at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina “made him want to throw up.”

The phone may have been the initial reason for being asked to leave, but the reason she was forcibly removed is because she refused to leave when asked to do so. Fortunately for the race baiters, her take down for non-compliance was quite animated, and there is video evidence! Let's watch together, and see if it induces vomiting:

Huh. For some reason, my stomach contents are still in place. Continuing to quote:
The Rev. Jesse Jackson called the video a “national disgrace.” “This man should be arrested, charged, fired and sued,” Jackson said on his way to Columbia. “The department should be sued.”

Rev. Jackson is drawn to racial grievance lawsuits like a fly to shit. I will leave the discussion of what was done right/wrong in this situation up to the culture warriors/destroyers. Why give an opinion on such matters? It only feeds the Mass Media beast, and they've had quite enough already. They want to advance their narrative White Po-Po's is Devils, Black Younglings is Angels, and here is yet another chance. OK Amerikwans - time to pick sides, time to square off, time to argue round and round until we are ready to celebrate another Leftist victory ... NOW DANCE PUPPETS! DANCE!!!

What will you take down this time, South Carolina? I mean, the Confederate Battle Flag is nowhere to be seen, so how could this have even happened in the first place? You did check the Hannibal Lecter cage where the Confederate Battle Flag is being held, didn't you? It hasn't managed to escape by cutting off the face of the rainbow pride flag and wearing it like a mask, has it? So what piece of cloth could be exerting its psychic powers to make a evil White man do this to such a sweet, innocent little pickaninny?


  1. Your flag is correct,the nigger ass licking has reached maximum level,also replace the stars with one big jewish star and add a cock to represent the faggots ,this little shit will be invited to meet with obongo just like clock boy ahmed

  2. she refused a lawfull order and fought the guy,what was he supposed do do get on his knees and beg, the sheboon thought she was talking to it's mother

  3. It's the system fighting itself, no need for us to get involved...

    Just sit back and enjoy the LULZ!