Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sun Ho's China Whine

A frequently heard stereotype of Asians is that they are not a creative people, but excellent copycats. Today's story is a case in point. Quoting:

The founding pastor of a megachurch in Singapore that preaches a "prosperity gospel" has been convicted, along with five other church leaders, of fraud after a judge concluded he had used US$36 million in donations to fund his wife's international pop star career.

Pastor Kong Hee of the evangelical City Harvest Church and five aides maintained that the purpose of the so-called Crossover Project was to broaden the church's appeal and evangelize using secular pop music. [...]

The singer, Ho Yeow Sun, a church leader who became known as the Chinese Geisha of pop and goes by the name Sun Ho, was not charged with wrongdoing. This week, Ho, 43, lamented her part in the saga, telling the online news arm of CHC that she was forced into a world whose values were "poles apart" from those of the church.

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