Friday, October 23, 2015

So Sweden, Who's Yo Daddy?

Make a nigger the lead in your new Star Wars film and there was bound to be hell to pay ...

The Swedish school killer shouted 'I am your father' as he commited his sword rampage wearing a Darth Vader mask. The man, named by Swedish media as 21-year-old Anton Lundin Pettersson, stabbed to death a student and teacher at the Kronan School in Trollhattan on Thursday.

Posing for photographs with students before the stabbings, the killer was dressed as the Star Wars character Darth Vader and carried a large sword. His victims initially assumed his costume was part of an early Halloween prank. A witness told Swedish newspaper Expressen that he shouted the famous line as he carried out his attack, which, police have said was a hate crime driven by racism.

John Boyega and JewJew Abrams, this is all your fault.

All right, let's attempt to be serious now ...

To comment on this story requires that we accept the narrative of the Mass Media.
Anton Lundin Pettersson was an evil wicked racist who wanted to drive Mooslims out of Sweden, and he chose to do this by stabbing a few people with a sword while cosplaying Star Wars.


WHAT?!? Come on, how can we take this seriously?!? How can anyone, with a straight face, liken this to what Anders Brevik did? But liken, the leftists have tried: LINK. Consider this weird detail from the story linked at the top of this post:

Other witnesses at the school – which has a large immigrant community – have told how the man silently killed his victims while playing "terrifying" Halloween music.

Terrifying Halloween music? Are you joking? Was he playing the Monster Mash? Did he have a soundtrack of creaking doors, and witches cackling, and ghosts saying woooooooooo. I think that when he leveled-up he should have chosen "Force Choke" or "Force Lightening" instead of "Play Scary Music" as his new Dark Side power.

Don't get me wrong. I believe this happened, even though I know there will be those who do not. I don't believe it was a psy-op, or that he was an Illuminati space reptiloid sleeper drone bot powered by a hyper-intelligent hamster running on a little wheel embedded in his chest. It's just that this smacks of trolling. And, appropriately enough, this took place in a town called Trollhattan! It's like Manhattan, but with trolls!

The only serious comment I can muster on this matter is that I feel terribly sorry for Darth Anton, if it does indeed turn out that the Mass Media's narrative is correct. Another White boy has gotten tired of waiting for White Whateverists to actually do something to fix the Absurdistan that the modern West is devolving into. Fingering his keyboard just didn't do it for him, which made him a very poor White Whateverist and shortened his lifespan considerably.

However, please join me in disdaining those White Whateverists who will seize upon Darth Anton's slashfest as the reason why White Whateverism doesn't advance. Such scapegoating is predictable considering the source, but should not be tolerated. Our White Whateverist leader's sad devotion to that ancient tactic hasn't helped them conjure up our people's stolen future, or given them enough clairvoyance to find a final solution to the mess our civilization has become ...

I know, I know. You find my lack of faith disturbing.

Now, I'm off to the White Whateverist Interwebs to find out how our Chalky leaders, movers, and shakers are spinning this one. I shall post the links on the Unrectified Reports page.


  1. Another Dylan roof? Are the Jews going to ban star wars?
    "Luke, I beez yo baby daddy an sheeit"
    The real losses here are the kikes, whites don't want to see a Nigger remake,so no billion dollar shekels for abrams

  2. i checked out what DS had to say about this,The comments are retarded, that chink lover A.A spends most of his time coming up with childish memes and licking trumps ass