Saturday, October 24, 2015

Rushcards not as Useful as Racecards

Today's story demonstrates that getting your fee-laden prepaid debit card from a company founded by a hippity-hopster may not be the best Negro idea since flying pyramids:

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is investigating RushCard, a prepaid debit card founded by hip-hop impresario Russell Simmons, and marketed to low-income Americans without regular bank access. Nearly two weeks after hundreds of thousands of RushCard users lost access to their paychecks, government benefits and electronic funds transfers, some cardholders are still experiencing problems with their accounts.

Russell Simmons has opened up his direct messages on Twitter so any user can DM him. But throughout the week, RushCard users have been tweeting that they've DMed Simmons but have not received help.

If you are a financially stable, middle-class Chalky who pays his/her bills on time, you may have no idea what a prepaid debit card is. Good for you! Basically, prepaid debit cards are used by people [mostly niggers and White trash ... mostly] who have ruined their credit and lost their bank account, but who want their welfare money direct deposited so they can access it quickly. Let's get more information:

Until recently, the people most familiar with RushCards were likely those who had them, or who watched healthy doses of BET during the early aughts, where they were advertised heavily. [...]

Users of prepaid cards are largely low-income, pulling in $30,000 or less. And nearly half of them have had a checking account forcibly closed, or closed one themselves due to problems with overdraft fees.

Getting your financial tools from companies advertising on BET? That makes about as much sense as using WorldStarHipHop to select a restaurant where you can expect a nice quiet meal.

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  1. When apes get free money from the "racis gubmint" they spend it on 300 dollar air Jordans and other useless shit and get into debt

    This reminds me of that dumb ape Lamar odom
    Who spent $75k at a brothel and almost died,Dennis hof is planning on suing the kuntdashians to get back the money