Friday, October 30, 2015

Ratchet Racket at Rockets

It's rare the TNB makes it to the headlines without a murder having been committed, but occasionally it do.

Video of Naked Woman Covered in Ketchup Has Ocean Drive Business Owners Up in Arms

Replace "woman" with sub-ape-ess and proceed...

In the video, a topless young woman laughs and dances as a crowd of leering men on Ocean Drive hoots and hollers, yelling for more. Then she obliges, twerking on the leg of a table before going completely nude, lying spread eagle in a booth as the men grope her and pour water, straws, and ketchup on her naked body until a flustered server finally kicks her out. [...]

Miami Beach Police tell New Times they have no record of the incident — and indeed, police are never seen intervening in the clip. The manager of the Johnny Rockets says that she is unaware of the video and that staff did not mention the incident to her. 

Let's be grateful they weren't squeezing out their special sauce instead.

You can watch the NSFW video here.

A few notes if you prefer not to watch the video:
- When they say "twerking on the leg of a table", what they really mean is sticking the foot of the table leg betwixt her buttcheeks and simulating being anally penetrated by it.
- When they say "grope her", what they really mean is that one nigger fingers her vagimer while the sub-apes film the impromptu porno with their camera phones.
- When they say "pour [...] ketchup on her naked body", what they really mean is that one nigger pours ketchup on aforementioned vagimer, over-condimenting the blackened burger as it were.
- And finally, when they say "flustered server finally kicks her out", what they really mean is until a Chalky arrives to break up the tribal orgy.

So, this is where we are as a society. Can you imagine this happening at any time during the first 200 years of American history, (pre-Amerikwanian history)? It takes a spectacular decline in a civilization for this to occur, but here we are.

Go back to Africa!


  1. Adrey dre you find the weirdest stories,you could have given an eye bleach warning,what I'm really shocked about is the chimps didn't cry racism

    1. My apologies. I have been desensitized by WSHH.