Thursday, October 22, 2015

Race Doesn't Exist - Unless Darkies Don't Want to Be Drug Tested

This article details a brouhaha over hair-sample drug testing that might return more false positives for black people.

The trucking industry wants to use hair tests instead of urine tests to determine drug use among commercial truckers and bus drivers. But some experts say the tests are flawed and more likely to be contaminated by factors other than drug use, especially when testing black Americans.

But wait - biological race doesn't exist right? Well, it does when you want to get out of being drug tested:

Studies have shown that drug metabolites bind more tightly to hair that contains more melanin, or dark pigment. Hair tests are also more likely to detect trace amounts of drugs picked up from physical contact that may not indicate actual drug use. Cocaine metabolites, for example, can be found on almost all $20 dollar bills currently in circulation.

So, the melanin helps bind the drug metabolites more tightly, and somehow that translates into more cases of cross-contamination by niggers rubbing their pubes with cocaine-laced $20 bills? Couldn't possibly be that Trevelloshante smoked crack - had to be the Andrew Jackson pube-rubbing.

Fine, whatever you miserable leftist cunts want. When Trevelloshante takes out your Prius with a UPS semi, you will have the great Anti-Racist martyrdom you so desire.


  1. You are the Dark Prince of Comedy, sir.
    And I mean "Dark" in a good way. The Marxists have to tie themselves into knots to try to somehow make sense. I say the day of their comeuppance
    approaches nigh.

  2. Off topic, but do you have illuminating comments on the Muzzy-targeting, Swedish Darth Vader sword killer Anton Lundin Pettersson? Good for white whateverists? Yay nor nay?