Thursday, October 08, 2015

Playmobil Toy "Slave" Offends the Easily Offended


A pirate ship playset from the company Playmobil is making headlines after a Sacramento mother found that her 5-year-old child’s toy contained a slave with a collar around his neck and a built in dungeon.

You can watch the video below.

The toy looks like a captive, not a slave. Captive sailors are a historical reality, though admittedly not a suitable children's toy. On the other hand, what has happened to Western Civilization that we have romanticized, sanitized, and consumerized historical criminality and turned it into something we want children to have fun with, whether in film, television, book, video game, or (in this case $90) playset? Go ahead Darquantre - pretend to skewer the negro character, make him walk the plank, pop off his head and feed it to a shark, but put a collar on his neck and you will have crossed the line of decency.

I know, I know - Joooooz, IsraHELL, Kike Pron, White women are evil, and bare-chested Putin and Trump will ride in on sabertooth tigers to fix it all.


  1. Why aren't captive sailors suitable toys for kids?
    Are you going soft or something?

  2. Sea Hawk and Captain Blood.

    I rest my case.