Monday, October 05, 2015

Philip Chism's Trigger Word

I've been getting some traffic today from people searching for "Philip Chism". For those of you who want an in depth refresher, try:

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For those interested in a more time-friendly synopsis:

In October 2013, a 14-year-old mulatto (who looked surprisingly like President Obongo) raped and murdered his math teacher in a bathroom at a high school in Massachusetts. After having slit her throat with a box cutter, Chism put his victim, 24-year-old Colleen Ritzer, in a trash recycling bin and dumped her out in the woods, leaving a note that said "I hate you all." For some reason, President Obongo did not invite his doppelganger Chism to the White House, despite Chism's progressive attitude toward recycling. Had Chism terrorized Ritzer with a fake clock bomb before mulching her, maybe that would have warranted more attention from the Mulatto Messiah in Chief.

Skip ahead 2 years and Chism is finally being brought to trial. Interestingly, a new detail has emerged. Quoting:

A teen accused of raping and killing his teacher in Danvers, Mass. could have been set off by a "trigger" word, a chilling police interview revealed. [...] "After she insulted me, that's when I became the teacher," Chism said, according to a court documents from a police interview.

OOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo ... here we go! This is going to be good! Can't wait to hear the trigger that turned this mild mannered Obongo-boy into a teacher who educates via the well-known scholastic techniques of rape and throat slitting. Wait ... wait! Don't tell me ... She called him:

1) Colored spade
2) A nigger
3) A black nigger
4) A jungle bunny
5) Jigaboo
6) Koon
7) Pickaninny
8) Mau Mau
9) Uncle Tom
10) Aunt Jemima
11) Little Black Sambo
12) Cotton Pickin
13) Swamp Guinea
14) Junkman
15) Shoe Shine Boy
16) Elevator Operator
17) Table Cleaner at Horn and Hardart
18) Slave Voodoo
19) Zombie
20) Ubangi Lipped
21) Flat nosed
22) Tap dancin
23) Resident of Harlem
24) President of the United States of Rape

Then again, he does appear to be Obongo's son ... so maybe she just called him a black muslim faggot like his daddy. All right, no more delay. Let's hear it! Continuing to quote from the source above:

Witnesses believe the trigger word was "Tennessee," where Chism had recently moved from. 



For fuck's sake, that's really worth a human life! How freakin' asinine! No ... no ... Wait. This makes sense. You always hear stories about how chimps rip people's faces off because they wear a new hat or exhale too deeply in the chimp's presence. Of course Tennessee was enough to trigger this. God help her if she had said Alabama - he would anally raped her, then disemboweled her and worn her intestines like a gold pimp chain.


  1. Fucking ape
    But this is only major news because the victim is a teacher
    ,notice how vester faggot lee ,Chris harper and now this cunt are all mixed race niggers? Their mudshark mothers must be so proud

  2. Ha! Love the 1-24 "Hair" lyrics, paraphrased at the end, of course.

  3. Comparing the president of the United States of America with some random psychotic murderer is ludicrous, not to mention implying that Philip Chism is his son. If you are that closed-minded, you should not be in America. Liberty and justice for ALL. Whether you like it or not, this country exists in a democratic system, not whatever KKK/Hitler regime you desire. Stop spreading your hate. Seriously, karma is real. This hate... will all fall back on you.

    1. Oh, you! Sometimes the hate mail I receive is so stupid that I feel sorry for the people who leave it. You are one of those people.

      Allow me to explain the joke that went whizzing over your cone-shaped head. Obama linked himself to Trayvon Martin by saying if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon. The joke in this case is that Chism actually looked like Obama, but for some mysterious reason, the presbidemf of Amerikwa didn't honorarily adopt him as part of a media strategy.

      Is Amerikwa the land of democracy, freedom, and equality, or is it a land built on genocide, and permeated with racial injustice, and White Supremacy? You silly lefties can never be consistent. If Trayvon is shot and his killer goes free, Amerikwa is a land of racist horror and systemic injustice. If an anonymous stranger makes a joke about Philip Chism looking like Obama, there is no room in just, liberty-abundant Amerikwa for racism.

      Karma is real? Thank you fudgepak Chopra. Your karmic punishment is that I get to point out how sadly stupid you are.

  4. Do you feel better now that you've spewed all this hateful garbage?? I hope you do, otherwise I would label this article extremely pointless & a waste of 1 minute of my life.

    1. Be thankful you still have a life to waste on such hateful garbage. Colleen Ritzer was given no such opportunity. Had you been the recipient of Philip Chism's tender affections, he would have stuffed your freshly raped corpse in a trash bin, and you'd never have to worry about haters like me ever again.