Sunday, October 04, 2015

Kennedy Kikening Komplete

According to this article, Joe Kennedy Sr. had his own idea how to answer the Jewish question in Europe:

In 1938 Joseph Kennedy had a solution to “the Jewish problem.” The New York Times reported that he had worked out with prime minister Chamberlain a plan to ship all German Jews to Africa and other places in the Western Hemisphere under the joint administration of Britain and the United States. 

One wonders how Joe would feel about his own great grandson, the sole male descendant of Joe's son John F. Kennedy - a little kikling by the name of Jack Schlossberg.

He's the only surviving male descendent of the former president since his uncle, John F. Kennedy Jr., was killed in a plane crash in 1999, and he's already spent time interning in Washington. 

A Democrat, like everyone else in his family, Schlossberg has made his political views widely known in recent years writing for student publications such as the Yale Daily News and the Yale Herald. In February of
[2012], he wrote a column condemning Democrats for criticizing President Obama.

'Democrats should never publicly criticize Obama,' he wrote in the Yale Daily News. He also wrote a piece on before the presidential election
[of 2012] in which he called on young people not to abandon Obama.

What a typical leftist Obambot. What a surprise. Here's a picture of the kikling's parents, Caroline Kennedy and Edwin Schlossberg.

Mazel Tov. Forget Africa. Honestly, it would have been better for Western Civilization had Joe Kennedy Sr. been castrated before he had a chance to sire his dynasty. And perhaps, if Joe Sr. was around to view his family today, as well as the consequences of Teddy's demographic destruction of America, he would think so as well.


  1. lchaim shabbos
    theres no use crying over dead kennedys, anyway trump is the new hitler,that is what the liberal media is saying, and it is also what alot of white nationalists believe
    shipping them to africa would make the kike problem alot worse, imagine a super race of nigger jews, muh dik

  2. No. The nignog genome is like a zombie infection. One drop alters the host irretrievably, ALWAYS a degradation. That is why the jews are churning out propaganda nonstop for white-black miscegenation.

  3. "A super race of nigger-Jews"? Whatever race that would translate to, it would no longer be "super," Anon 1.
    Isn't it laughable how liberals went on and on about G.W. Bush's "privilege" when he was president, but none of them EVER had a problem with JFK being born with a ruby/sapphire/diamond-encrusted golden dildo in his hand?