Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hybrid Vigor No Help for Dying Little Girl

Hybrid Vigor! Race mixing is chock-full of it! Piss on all those centuries of regional, copious evolution. They've just made us inbred, right? There is nothing that can't be fixed by hybrid vigor! With the coming of the Great Brown Singularity (so enthusiastically announced by National Geographic no less), there will not only be an end to all racism, prejudice, and bigotry, but we will all be prettier, smarter, and healthier too!

Yeah, right.

In this story from CNN, we read that a little mixed-race girl (White father, Asian mother) is slowly dying of a genetic disease she inherited from her father. The condition had virtually no impact on his life, but it has brought his daughter to death's door. A door she is willing to pass through.

Julianna Snow is dying of an incurable disease. She's stable at the moment, but any germ that comes her way, even just the common cold virus, could kill her. She's told her parents that the next time this happens, she wants to die at home instead of going to the hospital for treatment.

I encourage you to read the article. The story is gut-wrenching, and even the stoniest of evil, wicked, racist hearts might momentarily be de-petrified. The focus of the article is not race-mixing or the diseases of mixed-race children, it is about whether a terminally ill child who wants to die at home and not in a hospital undergoing ultimately-futile treatment, should be allowed to make such a decision. Strange this should be questioned, given that our society thinks a child is wise enough to decide s/he is the wrong gender and needs to be hormonally and surgically mutilated into the scarred freak of his/her dreams.

Want my opinion? I don't know. Life is not sacrosanct to me, nor is it magical. I am also not a Christian, who goes around telling children that Heaven is the best place in the universe, but we need to put off going there as long as possible. Quoting the article:

They tell her that heaven is where she'll be able to run and play and eat, none of which she can do now. Heaven is where she'll meet her great-grandmother, who shared Julianna's love of shiny, sparkly, mismatched clothes. God will be in heaven, too, they tell her, and he will love her even more than they do.

This is outside of my purview, and I admit it. You godly and anti-godly types can hash this one out. My interest is in this world and how the Death of the West has killed the forward momentum of the human species. And tonight's lesson in that regard is that hybrid vigor will not strengthen the human race, save it, or make humans better anything. It merely moves humanity toward greater mediocrity. Humans - If you want more miracle cures and more power over life and death, you are going to need more pure blooded Chalky men and their uniquely creative gifts. But you seem hell bent on doing away with them, so enjoy Heaven.


  1. If you want a good story search for "erika escalante" on Google, sacked 2 HOURS after sending a "racist tweet" escalante sounds like a beaner, its always good to see niggers getting offended

  2. A bit off topic, but a red pill/pua comment is dying to be made over dried-up
    feminist harridan Germaine Greer's recent comments about "Caitlyn" Jenner's media mania exposure subsuming the REAL cultural value of the talented Kardashian women:

    "Jenner isn’t a woman, says Greer. He’s just attention-starved and seeking to steal the limelight from the women in the Kardashian family.

    "He hasn’t actually had to endure what feminists depict as the true horrors of womanhood, such as being cursed with what Greer delicately characterizes as a 'big, hairy, smelly vagina.'"

    Jesus Christo, aren't those indelicate references to older female "nomenclature" a good part of why men (when they can) prefer YOUNG women? Isn't she validating us horrible, cradle robbing chauvinists?

  3. Excellent finds, guys. I will put links to these stories in the Unrectified Reports section.

  4. I'd love to shake this child's hand.