Monday, October 26, 2015

Flag Down at Ole Puss

Time to change the nickname of The University of Mississippi - Ole Miss has become Ole Puss, quoting:

The Mississippi flag was taken down at the state’s public university Monday morning, after student leaders, faculty and staff called for its removal because of its prominent Confederate emblem.

It was a dramatic change for a university long proud of its southern traditions and ties to the Confederacy, a school that closed down entirely during the Civil War when nearly all of its students enlisted [...]

For those who are cursing Dylann Roof under their breath for making this possible, please understand that it was inevitable. The Slow March Left is a winning strategy, and has been stripping away Southern Pride for decades. Continuing to quote:

In recent years, the university has been distancing itself from the Confederate symbols that had been so central to the school’s culture.

The first black cheerleader, in the 1980s, refused to wave the Confederate flag at games. Ole Miss renamed its “Confederate Drive,” banned sticks from the stadium in a further effort to eliminate the rebel flag, and and changed its mascot from “Colonel Reb,” who evoked a plantation owner or Confederate soldier, into an animal, “Rebel Black Bear.”

As with the destruction of the White Race itself, there are only two speeds for the destruction of Southern Pride - quick and steady. Dylann Roof turned up the heat, but the leftists don't want too quick a boil, lest the frog get uncomfortable and jump out of the pot before it is cooked. That is why I say, don't blame Roof, blame the Slow March Left.

But how can the March be stopped? First try to understand it. Quoting yet again:

In 1962, the governor and state legislature fought to keep James Meredith from integrating Ole Miss despite a Supreme Court ruling upholding his right to attend. A riot broke out on campus, in the area around the Confederate monument; two people were shot and killed. The president ordered in state and federal troops.

[...] Meredith [was invited] back to campus to speak to [a] history class. There were still fewer than a handful of black students enrolled. When [the teacher] introduced Meredith, students rose and applauded him. After Meredith spoke, they respectfully asked him questions. One student said, “‘What do you think is the difference between the students here today who gave you a standing ovation and those 10 years ago who threw rocks at you, hurled insults?'”
[The teacher] recalled that Meredith responded, “‘There is no difference. If you had been here 10 years ago you would have acted like they did. If they were here today they would act like you did."

That is one insightful Darkie. The masses are sheep, they are creatures of the herd. That's all they have ever been. The rabid, brainwashed leftist of today calling for an end to the White Race would have been just as comfortable hurling rocks at James Meredith and screaming "No Niggers at Ole Miss!" The shepherds tell the sheep where to go - and the shepherds of our age are all leftist: Mass Media, public education, and even Pope Lenin. That's why all this talk of waking White people up, getting out the message, and the war of ideas is all just rubbish. That's why all your White Whateverist leaders have failed you. They're in the bunker, moving paper armies (fiddling with their Pepe), while the Reds march through the streets above.

But what to do, what to do? The answer is in this post, you just need to find one specific four letter word. Hint: it's not Pepe.


  1. What is it? "Riot?" "Shot?"

  2. Clearly, that word is "riot." Now let me rummage around and find my pitchfork
    and creosote torches... Oh, look, Monday Night Feetsball is on!

  3. How long before the orks demolish the Jefferson Memorial in Sodom on the Potomac?