Friday, October 16, 2015

Facebook Gayer than Ever

Kikebook ... oops I mean Jewface ... dang it ... Faceyid ... doh, again ... Hymiefook ... oh forget it. Quoting:

Americans are coming out as gay on Facebook in record numbers, according to a new report from the social network. Over the past year, approximately 800,000 Americans either updated their profile to express a same-gender attraction or to specify a custom gender. That represents a huge uptick over the past 12 months, and brings the total number of Americans who have come out on Facebook to more than 6 million to date. 

6 million, eh? Now where have I heard that number before? I'm sure it will come to me. At any rate, this news is sure to thrill the MultiKultists, such as: 

Honestly, that picture looks like propaganda turned out by What a disgusting, stereotypical rat-kike-face, made all the more grotesque by striping it like the rainbow flag of butt-burglar pride.

Some may argue, who cares? LGBT's were always 2-10% of the human population, and Facebook simply reflects a well established reality of the human species. But reality shouldn't need a helping hand though, should it? Consider how Facebook has redefined gender:

Previously, Facebook users were required to select either "male" or "female" in the gender identification field. Users now [have] the option to select "Custom." Once users select custom, they will have the ability to enter up to ten identification terms (e.g., transgender, androgynous, genderqueer, etc.) to better express their gender identities. Users who use the new custom gender options will also have the ability to choose the pronoun they'd like to be referred to publicly and select which groups of their Facebook friends they feel safe sharing their gender field with.

Like any cult, the Cult of Diversity loads the language to create and maintain its slaves. Quoting:

Loaded language

The jargon in cults has multiple effects.

The group members feel understood because they all use the same words and it generates a sense of camaraderie (and elitism - see below).

New people may feel left out and often want to learn what the words and phrases mean, drawing them deeper into the mindset of the cult.

Complex situations are often reduced to a few words, and this begins to shut down the critical thinking of the members.

The words and phrases can dictate how the members should act in certain situations without having to make decisions. For example, one group had a phrase that meant that seniors in the hierarchy of the group were always right. So if there were any problems or disagreements, the phrase sorted everything out!

When the jargon is second nature, talking to outsiders may become tedious and awkward and this keeps group members isolated from outside influences.

And how effective are such tactics? Six million American Kikebook-queers can't be wrong.

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  1. The Zuckerfag will be shunned by the kike community as he is married to a chin chong
    I don't believe the 6 million fag number,but this also proves BEING A FAG IS A CHOICE, the non stop fag propaganda is working,dumb youngsters believe fags are cool