Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Empty Sack Editor Sacrifices His Staff to DIEversity

The magazine Philadelpia became heretical in the eyes of the MultiKult recently, after they dared publish the following cover photo of school children in their city:

Do you see the problem? Media racial propaganda quotas were not maintained. The school in question is 60% non-White, and the children in this picture appear to be 71% White. Quoting the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists: "Where muh niggers at?" [Not an actual quote, but an incredible simulation.] Who cares that these are still pupils at that school, the photographer should have sorted all the prospective students by color prior to taking the shot - that's the mass media way! Johnny and Sally Whitebread - get the fuck out that picture and make room for Boniva and Tranquell. More from the article linked above:

Philadelphia magazine has announced a company-wide diversity plan following the controversy over its October 2015 cover, which resulted in a call from the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists for editor Tom McGrath to resign.

McGrath responded to the PABJ’s request in a letter addressed to president Cherri Gregg earlier today, which Philly Mag published in full on its website. In it, McGrath declines a resignation while providing a set of “diversity initiatives” that the publication hopes will alleviate the lack of racial diversity on its staff.

Ah, so you refuse to man up and take the fall in order to protect your team. Fine - and what sort of initiatives did you have in mind Mr. Empty Sack McGrath?

[...] diversity training for current and future editors, a diversity committee, recruitment of persons of color to the staff, and a fellowship targeted at “low-income college students.”

Well that is very interesting considering that at the Philadelphia Mag website, McGrath said:

[...] at the end of the day, I chose this photo for the cover, and it was without question the wrong choice.

Do you get it? He chose the picture. It was his call, and he made the wrong choice. The answer? He keeps his job and future White job applicants at his magazine will now be passed over for dark-skinned diversity hires. In-fuckin-credible.

This is a perfect illustration of why the West is where it is today. The higher-ups play their little PC power games with one another, and the losing leader/manager/boss sacrifices his subordinates on the altar of DIEversity in order to save his worthless hide. His staff, eager to protect their own paltry piece of the pie, won't protest and point out that affirmative action hiring does nothing to punish the editor who admitted making the heretical mistake in the first place, it only denies jobs to more qualified candidates and leads to even greater mediocrity than already existed.

I know, I know - Joooooz, IsraHELL, Kike Pron, White women are evil, and bare-chested Putin and Trump will ride in on Sabertooth Tigers to fix it all.

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