Saturday, October 03, 2015

Dopey White Trash Woman Arrested for Calling 911 Over Bad Drug Deal


Erin Klich, 36, told a cop that she “called the police because she was buying marijuana and was shorted by the people” inside a Fort Myers home. Klich, who works for a body armor manufacturer, called 911 early Friday evening. [...]

After a Fort Myers Police Department officer arrived at the scene, Klich was again on the phone with a 911 operator. The “loud and argumentative” Klich hung up the phone at the cop’s direction, but subsequently dialed 911 again. When warned by an officer that she was misusing the emergency dispatch system, Klich refused to hang up the phone, prompting her arrest.

Works for a body armor manufacturer? According to her LinkedIn page, Erin Klich is "Territory Manager at Combined Insurance United States".

I guess we can't expect a dopehead to keep her LinkedIn page up to date - or to hold down a job. So which would be more disturbing to you: if you bought body armor from this pig woman, or health insurance from her?


  1. You sexist CIS gender privileged white male don't you know all women are beautiful? Ha ha

    I thought weed was supposed to make you slimmer?

    1. If so, it is obviously not working in this case. She needs to upgrade her addiction to heroin to be on the safe side.