Sunday, October 18, 2015

Definitery an Excerrent Driveru

Patience, gentle readers. First the story, then the racism.

A driver hit the gas instead of the brake, sending her car into the driving school where she was scheduled for a lesson. Fortunately, no one was injured.

A 30-year-old woman, who had just arrived for a lesson at 9-1-1 Driving School in Bellevue, hit the gas instead of the brake.

Scott, who was in an office at the driving school at the time [...] walked out to find “glass everywhere” and the driver, and her husband, in a little state of panic. No one was injured in the crash, though Scott said the driver’s confidence might have been damaged.

The woman was not cited, said Bellevue Police spokesman Seth Tyler, because the woman had her driver’s permit; there were no injuries; and the accident took place on private property.

And because she is probably an Asian and we don't want to look like racists for releasing her name.

Leftist cunt, quivering with rage: For shame Adrey-drey! You don't know she is Asian!

Quite right. But there a other signs that point to dead-end Asian. She is thirty years old, so probably a foreigner. She was driving around with her husband, so she is into patriarchy [be it in the form of 1) her Muzzie captor, er ... arranged husband, 2) Hindu captor, er ... arranged husband, 3) or her Milk-Chalk purchaser, er ... the White guy who ordered her over the internet; any of these three would be someone who can't afford to let her out of his sight.] And finally, she can't drive. Taken together, and it spells someone the Quadroon Streicher would like to love him long time.

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  1. 1. Bellevue is a high tech center, very upscale, and packed with Asians.

    2. 30 years old and learning to drive via a strip mall driving school--that screams Asian.

    3. Audi. Husband's.