Sunday, October 25, 2015

Crippled Princess Elsa Doubleplusgood

Elsa's skiing accident was worse than first reported. Prepare to be manipulated ...

If any princess knows what it's like to be a little different, it's Elsa from "Frozen."So it seems fitting that the beloved Disney princess was modeled by a little girl with braces and arm crutches in Target's latest Halloween ad, prompting many on social media to praise the retailer for celebrating diversity. 

Oh please, you think it is that easy to win diversity goodthink points these days you worthless goyim? It's 2015 - you need to goodthink bigger, slaves! Try bellyfeeling this story with Ariel the Little Mermaid as a Fish-Person, dragging herself around on land with crutches, while her scales are ripped off by the concrete pavement, leaving a trail of blood back to beach. That would progressively praise worthy.

And don't think we didn't spot the black girl as banana. Were not the sheeple, who were too dazzled by a gimpy Elsa to notice. Doubleplusungood, Target.

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