Thursday, October 01, 2015

Confused Old Chalky Devil Scrutinized for Racist Graffiti

An enraged member of the Milk Chalk Scourge has drawn the jaundiced eye of the media upon himself by painting "White Power" and "KKK" on the steel wall around his home. His home being in a predominantly black neighborhood of Houston. Quoting:

Donald Burns admitted painting the offensive words on this fence and says, “This is called freedom of speech and it’s supposed to be offensive.”

Burns said he painted the incendiary words because he believes he’s been unfairly targeted with property restrictions by the area’s civic club, Click 2 Houston reports.
Burns said he painted the signs in order to draw attention to his plight, but he insists it’s not racism. Instead, he feels he’s being persecuted.

I recommend visiting the link above to watch the full report. What he says at seconds 1:11-1:18 left me howling. Here is the hilarious quote in question from the old mayonnaise eater:

“Has nothing to do with race, it has a problem with black property owners and what they’ve got away with. It does have something to do with race,” said Burns.

Well said. Now before any White Whateverists get too excited that the may have found a new member of the movement, let's finish with this quote from the article:

"Burns took off his shirt to prove he had no white supremacist tattoos during his time in prison and introduced the reporter interviewing him to his African-American girlfriend."

A deranged honkey with a black girlfriend? No, he would not be a good White Whateverist movement member, but he sounds overqualified to be a White Whateverist leader.


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