Monday, October 19, 2015

Chinamen Arrested for Digging Up Corpse to Be Bride

Well, at least they probably weren't going to eat it. Er ... at least until after the wedding. Quoting:

Three men in Ruicheng, northern China, were arrested for trying to sell a female corpse. The dead body was said to have been sold as a 'ghost bride' and would have been 'married' to a deceased man in an ancient betrothal ritual. It had been stolen 'on demand' from a grave and had been sold to a buyer for 25,000 Yuan (£2,500), reported People's Daily Online.

Wow, that it is disturbing. Let's read why on earth the Chingy Chongs are doing this:

A young man or woman may have died suddenly while being engaged or before marriage.
Their parents, concerned that they might come back to haunt the family, would hold the marriage ceremony to help them die in peace. There are also people who believe solo graves are bad for feng shui for a family's future so conduct the marriage ceremony to help drive away bad luck.

What the hell? Grave robbing for feng shui? Couldn't you put a clay pot next to it, or plant a shrub and get yourself right with the feng shui demon or whatever. Damn you people are fucked up.

Point taken - when it comes to the supernatural, there are plenty of fucked up White people too.

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