Saturday, October 17, 2015

Another Famous Black Invention: The "Fifi"

Never let it be said that niggas ain't been inventin' sheeeeiiiit. The problem is, all the best Negro inventors done been shot or nabbed by the po-po's.

Watch as this formerly imprisoned nigger demonstrates to two mudsharks how to make a "Fifi".

This world ...


  1. before the video started playing I knew it was all about muh dik
    niggers always get the best white women? That fat mudshark was nasty
    you can add Fifi with ebola,peanut butter and twerking to the list of negro "inbenshuns"

  2. Adrey drey whats up with the commenting system? ive been a fan of CDN since the trayvon bullshit, and only recently you have heavily cencored the comments, oy vey

    1. It's my fault. I have been pressed for time lately and haven't been going thru / responding to the comments as I normally do. If I see repeated lest / anti-white drivel, I have been deleting the whole batch of comments rather than sorting it out.

      As I have said before, the leftists have 100% of the schools, 100% of the MSM, and 99.9% of the interwebs. This will not be their platform as well.

  3. Meanwhile, the white FIFI: