Tuesday, October 13, 2015

An Overly Litigious A(C)unt

A greedy, childless bitch decided to sue her 8-year-old nephew saying she was injured by his aggressive hug. Quoting:

A Connecticut jury has ruled against a New York City woman who sued her nephew over injuries she says he caused her at his 8th birthday party, court records show. Jennifer Connell, 54, claims she her wrist was accidentally broken by her nephew, Sean Tarala, in March 2011 when he exuberantly jumped into her arms at his house in Westport [...] She was seeking $127,000 in damages [...]  

Connell told the jury on Monday that the injuries have turned her life upside down. “I was at a party recently, and it was difficult to hold my hors d’oeuvre plate,” she testified.

Trouble holding an hors d’oeuvre plate? Wait a fucking minute ... is this a joke? This is a hoax, right? I better try to find additional sources before I Conservative Treehouse myself here.

Apparently not: SOURCE, SOURCE, SOURCE

That is just the deepest depth of sad and absurd. But at least we know it can't get any sadder.

Sean Tarala’s mother, Lisa Tarala, died last year. He lives with his father, Michael, in Westport.

WHAT?!? The kid lost his mother and his aunt is still suing him? What the fuck is wrong with that cunt? Oh wait a minute ... The kid is 12 now, the accident happened when he was 8, and his mother died last year. Then, suddenly, this cunt decides to put on a $12 wrist brace, say ouch, and sue the boy for something that happened 4 years ago? Exactly how much did the life insurance policy pay on his mother, do you think?

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