Thursday, September 17, 2015

This Dyke Really Likes Sharp Pointy Things

A "woman" in Florida is in police custody after thousands of bladed weapons were found in her trailer home. Quoting:

Deputies arrived at the Brooksville residence of Nickole Dykema to arrest the woman on outstanding warrants Tuesday night, and found the 47-year-old staring at them through a broken window and cursing while ignoring their requests to come outside. When one of the officers finally entered her trailer to bring her in, she took a machete and went after the man - missing him by inches.

Eventually, one of the officers of the scene used a Taser on Dykema when cops began to become concerned for their own safety. She was not injured and brought in, where she was charged with several counts of probation violation, property damage/criminal mischief, resist officer without violence and assault on an officer.

Photos of the home shows that the rooms are all unlit and contained hundreds of of blade weapons along with fake heads, fake severed limbs and fake skeletons - almost all with knives stuck in them. One room also had a picture of a pentagram hanging on the wall with miniature axes sticking out of it and a skeleton dangling in the center.

Dykema - that's her name, that's what she looks like, and she collects thousands of phallus substitutes.

To fully grasp how absurd this situation is, perform some substitution. Imagine a guy named Homopa, who dresses like Glenda the Good Witch and collects thousands of sheaths and scabbards.

Whenever something like this happens, I am always amazed that society doesn't collectively take a moment to reflect and say - What is wrong with our civilization? What are we doing wrong? But the most reflection people will do is to say - Land of the free, that's her right as long as she ain't hurtin' nobody. Of course, no one digs deeper and considers how society enabled this behavior. Just consider: How does someone like that pay for her compulsion? How much do you want to bet she is on the dole and the citizens of Florida paid for that collection? And now, said citizens are paying to have the collection disassembled, shipped, stored, and used as evidence in further court proceedings against Dykema.

This world ...


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