Saturday, September 19, 2015


I admit it. I love "Movement" drama. And by "Movement", I mean the endless victory march of White Whateverism. Part of it is simply my desire to be entertained. I regularly lurk on several dozen White Whateverist sites that provide me the most giggles. Sometimes these websites are intentionally humorous. However, most of the time, the humor is unintentional, but no less palpable. When I find these unintentionally funny pieces, I tend to bury them in the "Unrectified Reports" section; though recently I brought one to the front page to make a very specific point.

One place I lurk is RAMZPAUL's webpage. Now here is a fellow who is being intentionally funny and succeeding. But Ramsey does not merely reserve his humor for the anti-Whites, he also occasionally uses it to chasten the more National-Socialist-friendly members of the White Whateverist Movement, as in the video below, which was about the FBI's latest capture, Joshua Greenberg (troll name Michael Slay). Obviously, Greenberg was not a true White Whateverist, but Ramsey's video suggests that the National-Socialist-friendly element of White Whateverism gave Greenberg a platform from which to troll. I am going to limit this video to just a specific part, and perhaps you will have the same reaction I did upon viewing.

Now if you are like me, and I know I am, the first thing I thought was "Uh, oh. I am out of popcorn. Better go get some from the store before Andrew Anglin sees this." Fortunately for me, there was enough time to prepare and settle in before the feature presentation began. The feature being a sequel to a similar drama from last year, when Ramsey criticized Robert Ransdell's "With Jews We Lose" campaign. I was very proud of that campaign, because it showed White Whateverist's still knew the difference between the word "lose" and "loose" (a distinction that is loost on the vast majority of Amerikwans nowadays). That drama crept along for several weeks before it wandered off in its Dragon Ball cosplay outfit and died in a ditch somewhere in rural Kentucky.

Andrew Anglin's response to Ramsey's 6 seconds of giggling was a 3000+ word essay that as of this moment has received 350 comments on The Daily Stormer. Many of those comments were aimed squarely at Ramsey, and were, shall we say, less than flattering. But let's focus on the essay itself, quoting:

Ram’s apparent assertion (again, the obscure style of humor creates this plausible deniability angle for him) is that the Daily Stormer is a Jewish-run Neo-Nazi organization. When he mentions the Daily Stormer in the video (the entire video is clearly about the Daily Stormer, but he only mentions it by name once), he gives us a condescending chuckle, singling to the audience that we are a joke, so far below him that he can’t even make a comment on it. [...]

Returning to the accusations (once more, implied accusations, as Ram refuses to make direct statements), The Daily Stormer is not a “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist” website.

The most insulting part of the narrative Ram was pushing is the implication (once again, all of this is implied, never directly stated) is that I am somehow harming the “moderate” pro-White movement by being too hardcore. This is just plain “woe is me the poor victim” whining. [...]

His video was just a condescending attack, dishonestly portraying me and this site, dishonestly portraying historical Nazi groups and linking them to me for the express purpose of defamation. There is no other way to view it.

Well, actually, there is another way to view it ... A thousand pardons! This insignificant albino ant scurrying about at the feet of the Great White Titans apologizes for the intrusion ...

RAMZPAUL has a point that there has been a history of Jews posing as Nazi-Loving White Whateverists. In passing, while explaining his viewpoint, he took a swipe at The Daily Stormer for having (transiently) provided a platform for a Jewish troll who described himself as an advocate "for the extermination of all non-Whites". And logically, had The Daily Stormer been as intolerant of the National-Socialist-friendly as Ramsey is, this would not have happened. Then again, there are lots and lots of National-Socialist-friendly White Whateverists (who are actually White) and who seem to greatly enjoy the time they spend at The Daily Stormer. Had Andrew Anglin been as National-Socialist-unfriendly as Ramsey, these White Whateverists would lose something they find worthwhile.

So, in this other view, the pissant's view, the ongoing debate between those tolerant and intolerant of National Socialism continues to rear its head and demand a hearing. Meanwhile, in spite of internal disagreements, White Whateverism accumulates victory after victory, sealing Europe's borders, founding new all-White colonies in North America, and driving out the invaders who dared raised their crinkled brown hands against the righteous hatred of the awakened Saxons. (Please replay the aforementioned six seconds of condescending giggling).


  1. oy vey shlomo
    the sites that claim to be "the most hardcore" usually attract the david icke fanboys, it should also be noted that both anglin and ramzy have yellow fever,
    i dont see how any of them can claim to be white whateverists when they both prefer ching chongs , that would be like finding out adrey drey is a jew

  2. The only type of yellow fever a White person should have is the viral kind transmitted by a mosquito bite. And if White people had stayed out of Africa and let the sub-apes eat one another, said White people wouldn't have risked getting yellow fever in the first place.

    As for "like finding out adrey drey is a jew" ... let me type up a 3000+ word essay about your apparent assertion and get back to you. On second thought, it would be less tedious to just convert to Judaism.

    Seriously though - I could quickly rattle off a list White Whateverists who have now or have had intimate relationships with non-Whites, and I am astounded by their chutzpah (that conversion took quick didn't it?) for remaining public figures in White Whateverism. Then again, their followers are very quick to forgive or make excuses, so what pressure is there for them to step aside and stop *muddying the waters*, so to speak.