Tuesday, September 29, 2015

MultiKult Morons Beach Themselves for Aylan

Take a gander at these MultiKult morons who decided to recreate en masse the drowning of Aylan Kurdi (Beach Boy).

I first saw this picture at the Daily Stormer today, shared from an article at the Council for European Canadians website. Though this event took place earlier this month, I had never heard of it. It made me wonder if I just missed it while avoiding the coverage of Beach Boy's drowning, or if this story was buried in the sand by the Mass Media. From the low number of Google hits, I'm guessing this story wasn't widely reported in the US. Gee, wonder why? Perhaps because we couldn't spare a moment of coverage when we are so busy showcasing our own Kool-Aid drinkers lying face down for social justice. See below.

Here is a quote from the original reporting of the mass beaching story from Sept 8th:

Dozens of beachgoers pay their respects to drowned Aylan Kurdi in touching tribute

[...] Around 30 people lay face-down on a beach in Rabat, Morocco yesterday to re-create the harrowing scene – which triggered an international outcry over the refugee crisis.
Some wore the same combination of clothes – a red shirt and blue trousers – and stayed in the position for around 20 minutes. [...]

Journalist Rachid el-Belghiti said: "We are here to say that the Mediterranean should remain a space for sharing and exchanges, not a barrier for those who are victims of dictatorships, civil wars and terrorism."

Ah yes - journalistic objectivity at its finest I see.  Not a barrier for those who are victims of terrorism? That's certainly what the Barbary Pirates thought as they brought their victims of terrorism from Europe to North Africa to stock Muslim slave markets. What a pathetic joke.

Here's a better joke, using another image from the mass beaching ...


  1. I'm surprised this stunt wasn't performed by some stupid liberals in Europe or Amurikha. Maybe THERE IS hope?

    1. As I said, American leftists are too busy lying face down in the streets to go lie face down at the beach. European leftists, on the other hand, don't want to give up the spots they have camped out at the train depots, so they can hold up cardboard welcome signs for the invaders and get their faces on the evening news.

  2. On the subject of beach boy(I get around,round, I get around)
    a famous white nationalist site has written an article about putin in Syria ,basically he is telling the white movement to kiss muzzie ass,pathetic ,If you want me to name him I can,he has the exact same initials as you A.A

    1. I stopped over there and read it. A.A. - Admitted Apologist (for Putin). But, at least he does admit it. And it is sure generating a lot of hallelujahs from his choir.

      Let's face it, White Whateverists are simply desperate for saviors who will fix the mess Western Civilization / The White Race has found itself in. I, for one, do not think Putin has any interest in Western Civilization / The White Race at all, let alone in saving it. Faith in Putin seems to rely on the idea that The West / Whities will be incidentally saved by Putin's political maneuvers on behalf of Russia.

    2. One more telling detail - the comments section is also populated with anonomites drooling over a picture of three mongoloid females. Nice, considering there was an article condemning White females for race mixing with blacks just a few days ago on the same website.

  3. That site can be very retarded
    Every time the site does a story about trump the members post photoshopped pictures of trump as Hitler or an SS guard
    A.A drools about Asian girl's,which leads to some of the fanboys claiming the only way to save the white race is to breed with asians,WTF?
    Also a lot of the members are fans of gook manga art which is one level away from the brony freaks

    1. My problem with White Whateverists focusing on Trump is that if they really want him to win, they should not give the Mass Media Trump-praising quotes, screenshots, and memes made by evil White Whateverists! Related to this was the fawning praise given to Darren Wilson. That poor guy had enough wrong with his life without White Whateverists hitching their burning wagon to him.

      It is flat out hypocrisy for White men to excuse their own yellow fever while condemning race mixing among White women. I am tired of the excuses and deflections that keep this hypocrisy alive. One more time - it is just hypocrisy - that's it.

      I don't understand the fascination with anime/manga. It is all such a redundant confusing mess. I truly wonder if the Japanese even have a concept of continuity.

  4. Ha ha I remember a couple months ago when someone posted pics of A.A with Chinese girls
    He gave his reasons and the fanboys all agreed it's acceptable to date gooks
    Another idiotic thing about that site is when a celebrity makes a mildly conservative comment A.A acts as if that person somehow is a white supremacist and supporter of the site,they did this a lot with Ben Carson and some nigger rappers
    That site is definitely aimed towards the younger crowd

    1. Agreed - a younger crowd. I am going to go watch my front lawn in case any kids step on the grass, so I can shout at them and call them whippersnappers.

    2. You better stop talking about A.A
      Or he is going to do something,something real bad like make a meme or call you a jew

    3. It's a fair warning. RAMZPAUL has turned green since his last confrontation with Der Stürmer.