Monday, September 07, 2015

Mudshark Makes Headlines with Mulatto Daughter's Obituary


Confronted with the sudden death of their 18-year-old daughter, Fred and Dorothy McIntosh Shuemake made a defiant decision: they would not worry about any finger-pointing, whispers or family stigma.

They directed the funeral home to begin Alison Shuemake's obituary by stating flatly that she died "of a heroin overdose." They aren't the first grieving American parents to cite heroin in an obituary as such deaths nearly quadrupled nationally over a decade, but it's rare, even in a southwest Ohio community headed toward another record year in heroin-related deaths.

Heroin? Are you sure that shouldn't read choked on a bucket of Crisco, or died when her weave ignited while barbecuing? Alright, so smack it is. This is making national news, why? And what is with the narrative being so tortuously constructed here? Exactly who are these people defying? Exactly who was going to be doing any finger-pointing / whispering / stigmatizing? Call this person out. Show us this shadowy figure that was trying to keep this mulatto's overdose a secret. There is no one, of course. This was just a cheap literary device to introduce us to the thrust of the story:

Scott Gehring, who heads the Sojourner Recovery Services addiction treatment nonprofit in Butler County, praised the Shuemakes' "strength and foresight" to draw attention to heroin's role. "That's something that needs to happen. People die of overdoses and it gets swept under a rug," Gehring said. "Until we as a society are willing to acknowledge that it is here and affecting all of us, we're going to continue to see the death count rise."

So the reason that more people are overdosing from heroin is because when they overdose from heroin, it doesn't make the obituary section of the local paper. Do you even hear yourself when you speak? In what world does the number of times a cause of death is cited in an obituary lead to a decline in the number of deaths from said cause of death?

Oh... but we just wanted to raise awareness of an increase in deaths from heroin overdose. THEN FRAME THE FUCKING STORY THAT WAY FROM THE START YOU MASS MEDIA MORONS. Don't turn it into some grand condemnation of traditional mores that have created a culture of silence that led to a spate of heroin overdose deaths. That narrative is preposterous and, in a sane society, would lead to an end of employment for the hack journalist who tried to advance it.


  1. Adredre, thanks for pointing out the horrible media we are dealing with these days. I would imagine that they are just like the rest of the drones, head stuck in an electronic human control device every waking moment.

    It's an ugly sight to watch a civilization circle the outlet of the porcelain throne.....

    1. You're very welcome. The more overt manipulations of the media are ever-present ... for example how they have built the narrative of a moral imperative to rescue a phantasmal ever-drowning Syrian boy via the proxy of letting hundreds of thousands of Syrian men walk across Europe to get welfare benefits.

      Regardless of how important any individual story is to the overall victory of the Leftists over civilization, ever-present is the media's habit to *make* the story rather than to report the news.

  2. You know you're living in a planet-sized asylum when two people try to get attention and power for having bred a degenerate who offed herself with her degenerate behaviors...

    ...and they are touted as something other than pathologically narcissistic breeders of a suicidal degenerate.

    I should note I suppose that I always considered addictive behaviors to be one of nature's little Darwin Awards. You like your addiction more than you like your life? Fine with me, and more room for the rest of us.

    I should also note that in my various DNA tests, I have all the best alleles for very low addictive and impulsive behavior. Just more white privilege I guess.

    1. I couldn't agree more with your sentiments. We live in a 24-hour-a-day 7-day-a-week talk show / reality TV / soap opera hybrid, where confession of weakness is idolized and the applause never stops, even as the guests are shuffled onstage and off.

      Have you passed on the alleles to a new generation? That is what is most important, and I hope your answer is yes - copiously.

  3. to sum up this story:
    our daughter used drugs an sheeit, but she be a good girl who dindu nuffin
    The mudshark is confirmed to be a kike
    let me guess they want donations? i bet 6 million shekels that they have set up a go fund page
    at least the story has a happy ending

    1. Happy indeed - dead end for that genetic disaster.