Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mossad Stole My Shoe

A commenter on yesterday's post left this story for me. You'll have to forgive me that I did not pick up on this story as it was happening, but in case you missed it as well ...

A Muslim campaigner claimed 'Zionists sneaked into his home while he was asleep to steal his shoe'.

Asghar Bukhari, a founding member of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK, made the extraordinary claim in a Facebook post but soon faced ridicule.

Within a few hours wags had started using the hashtag Mossadstolemyshoe, a reference to the Israeli counter terrorism unit.

Who are they? Are they the same people who stole your shoe? The commenter who provided this story said it reminded him/her of conspiracy theorists within the White movement, and I have to say I agree. Self Importance + Paranoia + Low Tolerance for Setback = Conspiracy Theorist.

I moved this story to the front page because I want to use it as an example of how White Whateverists look when they engage in conspiracy theory. And hopefully, because the subject is a sand nigger (I must not be one of "they" since I just called Bukhari a nigger) there will be less defensiveness to my reasoning.

Let's start by assuming that this is correct. That Zionist agents broke into a sub-human's house and stole one of his shoes. How does telling anyone about it help? In what world does such an event elicit sympathy, or outrage, or any response other than amusement followed by derision? Only in the world of the paranoid - who will take with deadly seriousness any threat or disruption to their lives, no matter how minor. You don't need to be a conspiracy theorist to be paranoid, but you do need to be paranoid to be a conspiracy theorist. Anyone who is not by nature paranoid, cannot be a conspiracist. It simply does not work. You may say that such a person is asleep, a sheep, a brainwashed slave, or just inattentive (lets also not forget the possibility of being competent and confident) - but that is the reality of this world. That means that if you want to function in society today, you are going to have to develop a strategy of sanity regardless of whatever conspiracy may or may not be arrayed against you.

That moves me to my second point, which is directed specifically at conspiracy-minded White Whateverists who may have become agitated reading the preceding paragraph, and are now tempted to scream at me in the comments section. I am not asking that you not be paranoid, which would be as hopeless as asking someone not be angry, or not be sad, or not be horny, I am asking you to use reason rather than indulging your paranoia. Structure your response as an "if ... then ..." and make the "then" a reasonable action. Try it with me.

If it is true Jews stole your shoes then ...
1) I should check on my gloves to see if they are O.K. An apparel lockbox is in order.
2) They are all powerful and cannot be defeated - I must commit suicide.
3) They must be getting desperate to stop me - I should tell my Twitter followers.
4) I should file a police report so they can hunt down the anonymous culprits.
5) I should get revenge by shooting Christians like Frazier Glenn Miller did.
6) I should get revenge by stealing shoes from Mr. Rosenblatz's shoe store.
7) I should get new shoes and carry on with my existence.

Which one of these is the most reasonable action? If you are struggling, another way to look at it would be to consider it by cost/benefit. Hopefully, that won't be necessary to realize that the answer is #7. Notice that we don't have to prove or disprove your claim, and you don't have to defend against accusations that you are being paranoid, there is no need for all that. I am willing to accept that your position is true, without evidence. And that is because the most reasonable response if your assertion is correct also happens to be the most reasonable response even if your assertion is false.

At this point you may have a concern: "But they could steal my new shoes too!!!" Can we deal with that apparel crisis if and when it occurs, please?

Another concern might be: "But you are letting them get away with it!!!" Read all the alternatives above and tell me in which one do they not get away with it? Accusing someone of a crime does not punish them for the crime. Hurting x for something y did does not balance the justice equation. Moving on from a defeat is not a defeat - the defeat has already occurred.

This may all seem so simplistic and obvious, and there may even be those who don't think a White Whateverist could ever fall into such a self-destructive trap like this muzzie did, but that is not the case. I will not link specific current examples, because I do not want to attack anyone in particular. Simply visit any White Whateverist website that permits comments and you will see this paranoia on display, in some cases drawn out into elaborate conspiratorial narratives. Worse, there has been a tendency among White Whateverists to enable paranoia rather than recommend reason. And this has even had fatal consequences. Consider the case of James "Yankee Jim" Leshkavich. After years of paranoid rantings across the White interwebs about having been poisoned because he was becoming a threat to ZOG, he murdered his wife and then himself. Even in death he was lauded by his comrades (see the link connected to his name above). Not me though, I had no sympathy for him (Speaking of Racist Cuckolds) and was contemptuous of those who were defending his actions (Cavalleria Whitetrashiana).

I encourage anyone who found this piece useful to share it with the next conspiratorially-minded White Whateverist you encounter who is indulging his/her paranoia. At least, you might save Der Movement some embarrassment, and at best, you might actually save a life or two.


  1. i have never called a paki a nigger , most pakis are niggerlovers and would love it if we called them niggers
    you posted this on the day after 9/11 ,thus pizzas are triangle which means you are a jew
    some of the bullshit that came out after dylan roof was embarrassing

    1. So shall we call Paki's who want to be niggers, piggers? That seems so right on many levels. Bukhari's Facebook page has a banner with Malcom X on it - what a stupid pigger Bukhari is, trying to appropriate the black American civil rights struggle.

      No - what proves that I am a Jew is that I don't like Muslims. I was just reading a White Whateverist website last night where the author claimed anyone on the web who believes that Muslim terrorism was responsible for 9/11 is either a Jew or in the pay of the Jews. This White Whateverist went on to say that the Jews want us to focus on hating Muslims overrunning Europe in order to distract from the fact that the Jews are responsible for driving the Muslims from the Middle East into White homelands.

      Let's use reason to consider how to deal with such a thing in the event it is true. Remember reasonable action is the goal.

      If Muslims are overrunning White Homelands because the Jews are driving them into Europe, then:
      1) Naming the Jew on the interwebs will stop the flow and reverse the tide.
      2) Nothing can be done because the Jews are all powerful - commit suicide.
      3) I should get revenge on Muslim rape gangs by trolling rabbis on Facebook, because trolling rabbis will make Western governments take in fewer migrants.
      4) I should attack other White Whateverists so that they will stop criticizing Muslims because that will stop Jews from funding ISIS to drive Muslims into Europe.
      5) I should tell every White person I meet that the problem with schoolgirls being gang-raped by Muslims is not the Muslims, nor the traitorous politicians who opened the borders, nor White Guilt induced Suicidal tendencies of Westerners supporting those politicians, but Israel's secret war on Syria via ISIS driving these innocent refuges into Europe. That will move the masses to take action to stop the immigrant invasion of Europe and to leave little drowned Syrian boys on the beach.
      6) I should admit that I hate Jews more than I love White people and detach myself from the White Whateverist movement so that I can focus on anti-Kikery 24/7. Otherwise, I may end up attacking White Whateverists who believe the biggest problem with White people is White people, and who are trying their darndest to fix that.

  2. yes 9/11 is a very special day for conspiritards
    no one knows 100% what happened so its best not to give it to much thought, immediately after 9/11 dubya started his war on terror crap, fighting for the jooz
    was it a coincidence?
    i too have read forums where so called WNs are die hard muzzie lovers,
    another thought is without the Zionist Jews, the muzzie problem would be a billion times worse

    1. I don't know what happened on 9/11. I have heard the official narrative and find it self-serving on the part of government agencies who failed to protect us. I have heard dozens of different conspiracy theories from thermite to holograms to mass delusion and found none of them particularly convincing. But what turns me off from the "Truth Movement" is that anyone who doesn't immediately believe is labeled a fool, a shill, or a sheep. If just one time a truther would say "I understand your skepticism", then I wouldn't feel the need to walk the other way when I see them coming.

      I have encountered White Whateverists who think that we should adopt Islam as our religion because Uncle Adolph thought Islam a better fit than Christianity for the Teutonic peoples. Trading one bunch of rat-faced Semites for another ... no thanks.

  3. You were writing about cucksernatives in 2008? The first time i heard the word was in 2015 to describe that beaner lover jeb
    bukhari is a fuckin retard but in The olden days its true they did use hidden cameras and microphones in shoes ,though i don't see why kikes would waste their time on the pigger

    1. I hadn't thought of that - but I guess that post about Yankee Jim had a kind of primordial cuckservative theme. Of course, he had actually been cuckolded according to his own internet rantings, so there was nothing figurative about it.

      Ha! I thought pervs put cameras on their shoes to look up ladies skirts. A kike invention no doubt. In that case, what purpose would the microphone serve? No. Don't tell me. I don't want to know.

      In pigger Bukhari's case, if he is just going to spill every paranoid thought on the interwebs, you're right - why would they need to bug him?