Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lane Bryant #PlusIsEqually Laughable

An anonymous commenter on yesterday's post drew my attention to a Lane Bryant advert featuring plus-sized models in lingerie. Quoting:

Lane Bryant is back at it! The clothing retailer has launched a sexy new ad campaign, dubbed #PlusIsEqual, to pair with its fall collection. Spoiler: It’s fierce.

The “PlusIsEqual” movement strives to give women — of all sizes — equal representation in the media. “Sixty-seven percent of U.S. women are size 14 to 34, but they’re underrepresented on billboards, magazines, TV … everywhere,” according to the brand.

Now, you could go here and watch the ad. Or you could just watch my personal copy below ...

To be fair and to state the obvious at the same time, these women are not truly representative of the average fat woman anymore than skinny models are truly representative of the average skinny woman. Though the distorted vertical-stretch of the commercial is a hushed admission that there is some additional assistance needed to even keep these large frames in the same shot together, which would not be necessary with normal sized women. If you ever wanted to know the formula that corporations use to sell their bullshit to you, it is never more obvious then when you are repelled by the product. Popular ideas of what is cool, what is sexy, what is powerful, can all be twisted around the product to make you want it by association. Of course, if the product repels you, then you have to deal with the cognitive dissonance of having something you don't like being associated with things you normally do like.

But what is the product in this case? Is it the steel-belted, reinforced girdle-ware trying to hold those women together as they strumpet about? Or is the product the sexualization of obesity? If the product truly is just the lingerie, why does it have to be presented as part of a chorus line? Why not different shots of individual women in their knickers? No - this is about selling the idea of a united front of flab, demanding to be sexualized in just the same manner as normal sized women. And why? Because once that idea takes root, then the average plus-sized strumpets-to-be will start neurotically spending their cash in attempt to feel as sexy as those model plus-sized strumpets on television. We can't let a little thing like revulsion at the sight of obesity get in the way of consumerism, now can we?

RE: The woman in the pic at the top left of this post. When your belly button is both deeper and wider than your vagina, it's time for gastric bypass.


  1. The Talmud vision is one of the best tools to manipulate the stupid goy
    This is nasty, no red blooded male would be attracted to these fatties, I can just imagine the bunch of Queers ,feminists and niggers dreaming up this crap
    Also have you noticed how all these sjw cunts look exactly the same? Either very fat or skinny,short bright colored hair ,and them fucked up thick black glasses

    1. Such as ...

  2. being a racist is great fun! when i look at the picture below, here are my thoughts

    1)muh dik fudge?
    2)the fudge looks great but ill boycott the place as i dont want to catch ebola, aids, other nigger related diseases
    3) Henry murdick would be rolling in his grave if he knew subapes were destroying his business

  3. Ha! You never fail to keep us apprised of the current denouements of our "culture." This reminds me of a Gillette ad (Mach 3 champions!) back in 2010 featuring Thierry Henry, Tiger Woods, and Roger Federer striding confidently towards the camera. The only difference is those striders are
    handsome, rich alpha males and these women are skirmishers of the incipient fem-cunt fat-acceptance fifth column.

    1. "Fem-cunt fat acceptance" is actually fifth-thru-tenth column leftism. The extra columns were necessary to hold up that (fat)catwalk.

      The chorus line of swagger is a time honored advertising gimmick so clichéd as to be overripe for parody. It just so happens that the leftists parodied themselves this time with their own advertising tripe.

  4. Murdick Fudge ... run by darkies? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Good find!

    Business slogan: "Murdick pack mo fudge than Yurdick." Yurdick being the 2nd best sub-ape fudge packery in town.