Sunday, September 13, 2015

John de Nugent's 500 Dollars

Source. Please read yesterday's post first. Quoted without further comment.


Is he merely immature, unreliable and without honor, or is he a deliberate time-waster and paid troll working for the American FBI or  NSA, or a British paid troll working for Special Branch, or MI-5, or GCHQ, or is he a Jew, or a leftist, a Red?

Hard to tell -- but at this point I think he is just a young man who thinks making a solemn promise (specifically, to send me a $500 donation this month and every month, sayinghe has a job) and breaking it is no big deal.


Daniel, because you promised me that money, I went and signed up for a course here in Michigan to get my concealed-carry pistol permit, which in this state of Michigan is very complicated, expensive and involved (an eight-hour NRA course)


[7:50:00 PM] John de Nugent: I think he may be gathering intel.
[7:50:25 PM] John de Nugent: When they never come through with the bucks, just dangle it out, they are often agents.  
Note his portrait photo is a James Bond silhouette. Either  he thinks he's cool -- or he is an agent.
[7:08:58 AM] John de Nugent: I needed that $500 to take the Michigan concealed-carry course and get the cc permit!!
[7:09:42 AM] John de Nugent: He will be devastated to see his name all over the Net, and it will strike fear in others.


 If you wish to donate to a NEW path for the survival of Britain, the land of my ancestors, and the conversion of its offshoot, the superpower America, I would be glad to focus only on this one great task which I feel called to. John de Nugent


Dear comrade, what happened to the donation you repeatedly promised?


At this point, your silence is making me wonder what is going on. I do not like empty promises being made to me, and this will not end quietly, whether 1) you are an agent, 2) of defective character, or 3) so naive you read defamations of me by agents and changed your mind about supporting my work without even asking me what my answer to the defamatory charges is.

[I have detailed, honest, factual refutations of the slanders against me by David Duke, Don Black, the jew-married Jared Taylor, Kevin MacDonald, Carlos Porter and Henrik Holappa -- who had three indictments dropped --  all of whom have an arrangement with the enemy. Our movement is FULL of both infiltrators (outright enemy agents) and "turned" indiviudals who, under the presure of bribes or blackmail, succumb and then, on command, attack those specificl WNs whom the jews especially fear for their real or potential ability to organize something against them.


So, Daniel, I await your response within 24 hours. Otherwise I will conclude you are someone that true white nationalists need to know about and be warned against.John de Nugent


And I wil write, sending a link to this blog, to 72 of your FB friends, exposing you. 
Had you offered any explanation whatsoever, which you failed to do, this would not have happened.

 Source Quoting Ended.


  1. Please, make it stop...I beg you.

  2. My ₪500 would probably be best spent on a prefrontal lobotomy.

    1. At least that is not as "complicated, expensive and involved" as getting a concealed carry permit in Michigan.