Monday, September 21, 2015

He's Just a Kid! White Cop Brutalizes Black Child.

By now, you have no doubt heard the story from Stockton California of jaywalking black boy being whitemanhandled by out of control po-pos. In the background, a bystander can be heard repeatedly crying out in the boy's defense:

He didn't do nothing!
He's a child!
He's a baby!

It's absolutely heartrending stuff, and I request - nay, demand - that you evil White racists watch the video and hang your towheads in shame.


  1. A change is in the air, maybe 3 years ago this story would be major news
    with thousands of whites marching with the fambly of this subape

    but the kike media rodents have fucked up , if they did a dindu story once every year it would still be effective, but hearing about some " he be a good boy an sheeit/ blacklivesmatter" every week is too much even for the most retarded sjw homo

    1. Well, this did take place in California - where the number of White do-gooders available for SJW activities has been declining every year.

      Still, I say give it time. Maybe Emilio will get invited to the White House.

  2. I clicked on the youtube link on the video to get to the original source but it didn't work. So I searched this video out independently and the other videos don't have people off-camera claiming this is a kid, etc. So I wonder if the track was added on to the video and doesn't really go with it. It was from an episode of COPS.