Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ginger Revolutionary Convicted


Recently it was reported that one redheaded fellow had had enough of both DIEversity in Britain, and the "Caucasian idiots" in power. Quoting:

LONDON — A man from the South Coast of England has become the world’s first convicted ginger terrorist.

After decades of perceived abuse for his red hair, Mark Colborne, 37, stockpiled the ingredients required for an arsenal of chemical weapons that he was planning to deploy against “blacks and Caucasian idiots,” officials say. [...]

Colborne’s brother, who gave evidence in court, discovered the journals, which contained graphic threats of violence alongside recollections of taunting. “There were also a number of comments about being attacked and abused when younger... and being laughed at and bullied because he was ginger. All of what I had found scared and concerned me greatly,” he said.
Ha! Maybe Britain should figure out how to tolerate and integrate its own gingers before it tries to tolerate and integrate every other race, creed, and color from around the world. Cheap shot I know, but those are the best kind of shots.

The fact is, European peoples had all the physical diversity they needed prior to the first darkie, muzzie, or chinkypoo ever setting foot in Europe. All White people know this because, when their countries were overwhelmingly White, they could look around their various communities and see more variation in hair color, eye color, and skin tone among White people than they could ever get among the unwashed masses of the world and their three shades of brown + one shade of black for skin, hair, eyes (and souls).

The most glaring example of that pre-DIE-versity diversity are redheaded Whites, who, even among themselves, demonstrate a great deal of physical variation. Not as celebrated as the master race of blondes, not as well integrated as the ubiquitous brunettes, the redheads offered all the exotic the white race needed. And certainly, to varying degrees, redheads have been treated both very kindly and very poorly by their racial kindred over the ages, who have noted these differences, but demonstrate no standard approach to said differences - be that positive or negative.

And that, in itself, is a another condition of true diversity. Some people will prefer, some people won't. Some people will adore, some people will hate. Some people will be interested, some people will be bored. And these feelings may change over time, by whim, and its no one's business but your own. Not at all like the two polarities of DIEversity - you either love, cherish, honor, and obey your darkie superiors or you are a racist monster who must be purged from society.

Mark - I'm sorry that the Caucasian Idiots have decided to purge you. But by age 37, you should have realized that ginger power makes a great South Park episode, but a rather silly reason for revolution. Come on man, you're ginger - not retarded. You have no soul, but you still have a brain.


  1. Here's some more dieversity for you: "Mudshark killed by loan shark"
    headline suggestion?

    1. Very good! A much punchier title than the Daily Mail could ever construct.

      It's always good to hear about a mudshark being violently murdered by her mud. It provides some hope the universe still has the ability to correct its mistakes.

  2. Funny how the south park and family guy jews are allowed to be racist and homophobic, but when a whitey speaks up about the likes or commits the ultimate crime of saying nigger his whole life is ruined, Adolf was correct

    1. And, as in the case of the ginger revolutionary, it is quite likely that the first people to turn against said Whitey will be his own family.

  3. So this freak thinks ginger is a separate race? What will the liberals make of this?after all race is all in the mind,just like gender ,cut off your dick slap on some make up and hey presto you are now a woman

    1. I believe the liberals will make of this the same thing that I have - fun.

      Of course, Mark Colborne had a much easier path to evil Caucasianhood than any transgender does to the opposite sex. Literally, his transformation to the Chalkydom he dreaded was just a shave or two away.