Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cuckservative Po-Po Rescues Sub-Ape-ess and Her Chimplings

A Po-Po from Ohio has become a hero to the cuckservative crowd for his White saviorism of a black woman and her two kids, who he found sleeping in a po-lease station. Quoting:

Twenty-five year police veteran Deputy Brian Bussell found an unidentified woman and two young children sitting in the Butler County police station early on Sunday morning, and assumed the family was there for visiting hours. But when he returned awhile later and found the children asleep in the chairs and the woman just sitting there, he knew they were in need of assistance.

According to the viral Facebook post, the officer found out the family had just been evicted from their home and had no where but the police station to find refuge.

He rented a hotel room for the family for 10 days, and even took them on Walmart shopping spree, telling them to pick out any clothing or shoes they wanted.

The picture of Deputy Brian Bussell accompanying this article is actually entitled "police-good-e1443127806243". Ha! What a fitting newspeak way of communicating your propaganda: "police-good". And in case you have any doubt that this story was picked up and regurgitated to serve as cuckservative propaganda, look to the end of the article:

[...] Bussel’s selfless dedication to this family is a great example that, in spite of the onslaught of negative sentiment toward police officers, many are kindhearted people devoted to the public.
So, he did this in his role as a police officer, or as one of the kindhearted people? If he did it in his role as a cop, please tell me where in the police department's policies and procedures it recommends taking vagrants to Walmart and renting them hotel rooms. If he did this in his role as one of the people, then his profession is irrelevant to this story - he needs to take his uniform off and put on his civilian clothes before he engages in his do-gooderism, to avoid confounding his roles. Because, if the two roles "cop" and "one of the kindhearted people" are to be confounded at will, it means that when a cop batters his wife or molests his kids as a meanhearted person, he also did it as a police officer, didn't he? As a "police-bad".

But that doesn't matter. Reason has no seat prepared for him at the cuckservative table. They want you to bellyfeel this story: police-good! I, on the other hand, request that if you must reduce your assimilation of the news to bellyfeels, you consider it from a different perspective: cuck-bad.


  1. What a fucking loser, he will gain nothing from this, if a Nigger helped an old white guy carry his shopping it would be front page news, Obongo would invite him to the rainbow house
    The SJWs won't promote this loser

    1. You're certainly right that no one should expect this to story to get anywhere with the leftist media since it goes against their narrative, but the cuckservative rags lap this shit up. And maybe that's enough for this sub-ape-rescuing cuck - he can go to church today and receive a standing ovation from the other White Guilt Suicidalists.

      Still, I wonder what he'll do the next time he is called by a landlord to help evict a negress and her spawn.

  2. Forget beaner jesus malverde, Brian busell you be da patron saint of nigger mammies an sheeit

    I've got my David icke foil hat on
    What if the whole thing was staged?
    What if he turned away the baboon? It would be like a new holocaust

    Where da baby daddy be at?

    1. Ha! The mammies can put a little statue of Bussell inside of an empty, cut-in-half bucket of KFC. They'll light watermelon scented candles and pray for his protection right before they go shoplifting.

      Keep your David Icke patented tinfoil hat on - that little mulatto on Bussell's right is probably his illegitimate son. The dark one on his left is clearly a paid actor suffering Gary Coleman disease.

    2. watemelon candles? dat be racist , but funny
      look at this picture, a knowledgeble chimp has constructed a lampshade out of a kfc bucket, edumacated niggers be einstein and sheeit!!
      any jokes about jew lampshades and niggers?


      Actually, I do have a visual joke about niggers and a jewish lampshades. Check the bottom of this post:

  3. most whites will say "at least hes doing something positive"
    they are true cuckservatives
    the chimps will see this as a sign of weakness "pussy ass cracka"
    i say vote for trump, knowing america we will probably get nigger carson

    1. They will see cuckservatism as a sign of weakness because it is a sign of weakness.

      Love of Carson is more virtue signalling on the part of White lemmings: "I'm not racist - I like Ben Carson!" That too is another sign of weakness - having to be concerned how one is perceived by the other members of the herd so you don't get pushed to the edges where the wolves will eat you.

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    1. Hello FGFM,

      Well clearly there is only one, final solution - more po-po funded shopping sprees at Walmart for our Nubian superiors.