Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Confused Mugabe Reads Wrong Speech to Parliament

Wait ... that gorilla can read? Astounding. Quoting:

Zimbabwe's 91-year-old President Robert Mugabe read out the wrong speech at the opening of parliament on Tuesday, an error which the main opposition quickly used to question whether Africa's oldest leader was still of a sound mind.

Mugabe, the only ruler the southern African nation has known since it was recognised in 1980, delivered the same speech he gave on Aug. 25, pinning his hopes on China to help revive Zimbabwe's struggling economy. 

To be fair, who doesn't think they have heard this all before when a politician opens his/her mouth? But looking at the picture above - are we sure Mugabe is even alive to deliver a fresh speech? Here is my conspiracy theory: Weekend at Mugabe's. Finding their beloved silverback dead (having choked on a half-eaten White baby), Mugabe's whacky cabinet ministers decide to drag him around the country in a desperate attempt to convince their fellow primate-house-dwellers that their fearless leader is still alive. They even go so far as to work him like a marionette while a previously recorded speech was replayed before parliament. Why would they do this? Well, just as revealed in the truther documentary Weekend at Bernie's, if their fellow apes discover the silverback is dead, they would murder the hapless cabinet ministers!

WAKE UP YOU ZIMBABWEAN SUB-APES! You are being Bernie'd!


  1. This filthy ape thinks hes the African version of Hitler, he even has the mustache
    yes it makes the blood boil when you see whiteys crying over Syrian refugees but they dont give a shit about the subapes raping and killing white south Africans
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    1. And such a piss poor imitation of humans at that.

      You make a superb point. We have photographic evidence of the violence directed at White people by sub-apes in South Africa and Rhodesia, but such images don't move White people in general. They feel nothing for their own kind, but can't stop weeping for a drowned Syrian boy.