Sunday, September 06, 2015

Careful with the Cucking

Today, while perusing the White Whateverist interwebs, I encountered a rather impassioned, stormy even, White Whateverist condemnation of a conspiracist who is not within the White Whateverist camp. The condemnation described this conspiracist as a "bull-prepping cuckold". Turning to the urban dictionary for assistance, we discover that this means the conspiracist was being accused of orally servicing the sub-ape who was about to plow said conspiracist's wife. Now that is some graphic imagery.

As I have said before, I find the cuck and cuckservative titles extremely useful for quickly summarizing the behavior of White men whose actions are undermining the White race via support of mass migration from the Third World. Cucks literally want to replace White children with brown children, and have you feed those brown invaders via your tax money. In the case of Republicans, the cuckservative label is especially apt because it is also related to the deceptions they practice to get elected, only to hand over the country to the brown hordes anyway. Considering how effective the shorthand cuck is, I find it an extremely limiting behavior to connect these labels primarily with a meaning of graphic sexual depravity, even if that was the original intent of the label. I argue for the broader appeal of the slur cuck, which is best embodied by observation of nature, and which was the inspiration for the term in the first place - the cuckoo.

One of the most famous - or rather infamous - birds is the common cuckoo (Cuculus canorus). Instead of caring for its offspring, this species is an obligate brood parasite that has lost the ability to nest and uses host parents of other species to raise its young. This had long puzzled naturalists, but Charles Darwin recognised the advantage of such a behaviour. Breeding is dangerous, time consuming and energetically costly and by ridding itself of all parental duties, the cuckoo is able to lay more eggs.

No where in this description are there details about the birds being cuckolded having to perform oral sex on the cuckoo bird. I am willing to guess this probably isn't part of the cuckoo's breeding strategy! But if White Whateverists continue confusing the cuckolded and the cuckoo, we are in danger of losing the message that the reason we are criticizing this person is because s/he pursues strategies that aim at White demographic replacement, which is much worse than whatever sordid filth s/he may or may not be up to in the boudoir. 

And so I request, dear White Whateverists, that we restrict our use of the term cuck or cuckservative to those who are kicking Whites out of the nest in favor of browns, thereby genociding our species. In that sense, Erick Erickson, the original cuckservative, deserves his name because of his defense of transracial adoption from the Third World. Jeb Bush deserves his cuckservative label because of his "Act of Love" propaganda. David Cameron deserves his cuckservative label because he calls to limit mass migration, but then turns around and opens the doors for more refugees. How many black men these three have orally serviced is irrelevant. Their actual crimes against the White race should be sufficient means to condemn them.


  1. Of course the cucks will try to steer the word's meaning away from the biological and into the realms of ambiguity but I see you were prepared for that. Kudos!

    1. The power of the term is in summarizing a strategy of demographic replacement, not in attacking the replacers for their alleged sexual deviance. Of course, if there is evidence of their perversion, by all means call it what it is.

  2. I've been arguing something similar (and seeing my usually accepted comments rejected by the usual places where I usually comment, since apparently there is to be no dissent on the alt-right [or whatever] regarding the frissons gained from this name-calling).

    In my view the use of the term degrades its user by referring to or presenting familiarity with disgusting porn-based culture.

    And we all know who runs porn, and what the industry's intentions are.

    Quick, read this before Google makes it impossible to find it via searching on "Jews and the porn industry":

    I agree--if they are sexually perverse, call it out. But the real issue is, as you note, demographic replacement.

    1. You make an excellent argument, and thank you for the link.

      I have a strong suspicion that the whole cuck/cuckservative label is just a passing fad born of internet trollery. And who is more familiar with the nethers of internet pornography than internet trolls?

      I find that unfortunate because the image of the cuckoo bird pushing eggs out of a nest is an incredibly powerful metaphor for what leftists are doing to the White population. Should we perhaps abandon the cuck/cuckservative and utilize cuckoo instead? We could start with something like pictures of politicians greeting African migrants with the headline, "I'm cuckoo for cocoa people!"