Saturday, September 05, 2015

America's Future Warriors: Injured During Pillow Fights

Bet it fills the cuckservatives' hearts with pride to see West Point cadets bashing each other's skulls in with weaponized pillows. Soon, these cadets will be ready to die for Israel from behind the hole in the sheet. Quoting:

A pillow fight at the United States Military Academy at West Point injured more than two dozen people, a spokesman told NBC News on Saturday.

West Point spokesman Lt. Col. Christopher Kasker did not confirm the specific injuries, but told NBC News that 26 people were hurt. Four others were evaluated by medical personnel and were cleared of any injuries, he added. The Times reported that 30 were injured and 24 had concussions.

Ret. Col. Jack Jacobs, a military analyst for NBC News who teaches at West Point, said in his 40 years of being associated with the academy, he had never heard of cadets swinging pillowcases that contained hard objects. 

Ultimately, Jacobs said, the responsibility falls on people higher up in the chain of command for keeping cadets safe.

I know, I know, boys will be boys. Wave the flag - "America, Fuck Yeah." But this just seems like a bunch of queer nonsense. Amerikwans: Before today, did you even realize that your tax dollars were going to fund pillow fights at West Point? Do you realize now that your tax dollars are paying for the treatment of 24 concussions resulting from pillow fights at West Point? This is fucking ridiculous bullshit that only jingoistic cuckservatives and mannerbund faggots could get behind. In fact, there are probably mannerbund faggots jerking off to this article right now. First rule of Pillow Fight Club is if you don't have a boner, you're doing it wrong.


  1. if they insist in allowing anus invaders into the army this is what you get
    what will the army trannies and homos do to isis? tell them we are all the same?
    if that fails then they will voluntary offer to get buggered in the name of vibrancy and diversity

    1. Yes, that is the idea. It's called the Bowe Bergdhal Plan. And in his case, his daddy was willing to be buggered as well.