Friday, September 04, 2015

A-drey-drey's Picture Captions 09-04-2015

Today's topic is: Whitie's Relationship to the Lesser Races


  1. I have come across a lot of Native Americans online who who would disagree with those little brown mestizo squat monsters as to who North America really belongs to.
    Your second image reminds me of this.

    1. Possession is 9/10ths, as Europeans and White Americans will soon re-discover.

      Typical Jew Media propaganda at funnyjunk - that picture grossly exaggerates the accomplishments of Abos. =D

  2. what type of nigger is the worst?
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    1. What an unpleasant hypothetical question. Like trying to sort a bucket of feces.

    2. ha great answer, my point was some niggers are worse than others, of course its always best to avoid the groid
      did you report this story? this is some funny shit
      whitey files lawsuit to prevent nigger from bagging his groceries

    3. HA! Good for him. But I would suggest that he contact Craig Cobb or Harold Covington if we wants to start an all White community of grocery baggers.

      By the way, negroidal is a perfectly cromulent word.

  3. i think you will enjoy this story,of course they are filthy heebs

    i thought these shekel stealers were not allowed tatoos, the burning tatoo process reminds them of muh holocaust

    1. The kikes do so enjoy wallowing in their own shit. It's even part of their Holocaust mythology: