Sunday, August 30, 2015

Women Getting Scalp Botox to Head Off $40 Blow-jobs

Hmm ... perhaps that title is misleading. Oh, well. Quoting:

Women know what a workout can do to their 'do—and now doctors have a treatment for it. Called "Blowtox," it's really a bunch of Botox injections in the scalp that prevent sweating and have the pleasant side-effect of keeping blow-dried or straightened hair from going all frizzy,

And in some circles, $1,500 for a Blowtox treatment that lasts nine months actually makes financial sense. After all, over that period, two $40 blow drys a week at a trendy salon adds up to $2,880. 

Uh, huh. ... ... ... I'm sorry - I lost track of time there for a moment. Sometimes, when I am listening to a stupid person, or watching something stupid on television, or reading something stupid on the internet (like the preceding), my mind wanders into a fantasy realm consisting of humans being loaded onto a conveyor belt and disposed of mechanistically. It kind of looks like this, except there are levers and I am the machine operator:

Not quite sure why my imagination keeps drifting to this fantasy land, but it do.


  1. was plastic surgery invented by an oven dodger? id be surprised if it wasn't
    i find this picture hilarious, the nazis are measuring noses to find out if they are kikes, if its a kike, its lampshade time

  2. I'm sure like most inventions, plastic surgery was product of White genius meant to help the needy. The marketing of it to insecure chalkies and the creation of mutilated addicts, that was 100% Kike genius.

    Measuring noses only proves that, if anything, our Nazi cousins were still not completely Jew-wise. Poor Nazis. A true White Whateverist can sense the heebs like a disturbance in the Force.

  3. We call it the YidDar.

    1. I sense a presence I have not felt since I last cleaned my oven ...