Monday, August 31, 2015

Slave Trading Video Game Angers the Easily Offended


On Sunday, users of the social medium Twitter angrily reacted to a video game from the Steam community called [Playing] History 2: Slave Trade, in which users can play as characters in the trade of slaves from Africa to the colonial West. 

In the game, players decide how to best stack black bodies in the hold of a slave ship. 

AA says: OK - stop right there. SOLD. I just bought the game on Steam and look forward to playing it tonight once I am done posting here.  Please continue...

Users can also play the game from the perspective of a plucky black slave boy who serves the slave ship’s captain. 

FUCK!!! Play as a slave? And do what? Pick electronic cotton? My $3.74 - wasted! You know what? No ... Just the fact that such a game could be sold in the 21st century is good news. I'll just have the avatar throw himself to the sharks right before he lands in the New World. Better yet, I'll have him blow up the ship.

Can't wait for Playing History 3: Auschwitz!


  1. So it's like Tetris, but with cartoon bantus?

    Somehow I don't think they'll stack nearly as efficiently, or pleasingly. Maybe we need to redesign them a la IKEA flat packs.

    1. I actually played the game and, unfortunately, they removed the slave tetris mini-game. They do, however, include a part where you get to decide how many slaves to throw overboard so the voyagers won't starve before they reach the West Indies. "All of them" was not an option.