Friday, August 07, 2015

Republican Debate Recap: Megyn Kelly - Candy Crowley sans 300 lbs.

I watched the debates last night on Fux News. I did this because it is important for me to figure out just how far left one can be nowadays and still call oneself a "conservative". Today's Republicans are indistinguishable from Democrats of 20 years ago, while today's Democrats are indistinguishable from Socialists of 20 years ago. Amerikwa just keeps marching left, and a couple of decades is all it takes for formerly conservative opinions to become fascist, goose-stepping evil, while formerly leftist opinions become the new center.

I also figured that The Donald would be pounced upon because he is the frontrunner, and I thought that it would prove interesting should he shred a few of the empty suits on stage. It's not that I am pro-Trump. I'm not pro anybody on that stage. But I appreciate that there is a high-profile celebrity who is cutting through the poison gas cloud of political correctness that
suffocates every conservative politician.

What I did not figure on was that it would be the moderators who would pounce upon Trump, and repeatedly offer staged opportunities for the other candidates to join, as well as to attack each other. I was reminded of some rabble rouser on the playground, who would tell Jimmy, "Bobby said you're a pussy,!" And afterward, would go tell Bobby "Jimmy says you're a faggot!" Then when the two rubes next met, said rabble rouser would scream "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!"

For the most part, the candidates didn't take the bait, though I was disappointed that they didn't call the anchors out for their blatant attempts to provoke personal confrontations. At one point, when Kasich skillfully deflected Chris Wallace's attempt to get him to attack Trump, Wallace simply turned and said "All right, well, Senator Rubio, let me see if I can do better with you." Do better at what? Provoking a confrontation? What a weaselly little kike Wallace is.

Of course, Wallace's attacks were carried out merely via proxy and deception (the kike way). Megyn Kelly's, on the other hand, were blatant, shrill, nails-on-chalkboard, war-on-womyn-hysterics worthy of Melistha Harristh Perwy.

The first question from Megyn Kelly to Trump was, "You've called women fat slobs, pigs, whatever," and he said, "No, just Rosie O'Donnell."  The place starts laughing and so forth, but she's not amused, and she tells him, "No, it's more than that." LINK

Unless you see the video, the quote won't do the moment justice. While the crowd roared, Kelly twitched in anticipation with an open-mouthed smirk, and waited for her Candy Crowley moment where she could reinsert herself into the debate and play opinions-disgused-as-facts checker: "For the record, it was well beyond Rosie O'Donnell." "Yes, I'm sure it was." responds The Donald. Kudos to him for not adding the word "dollface", which would have sounded strangely appropriate, or "you cunt" which I would have preferred.

My whole takeaway from the spectacle was that the Republican establishment are crapping their pants over The Donald's populist support, and their paid shills in the rightwing corporate media have been let off the leash to take him down. "But ... but ... but ... Trump can't win!!!" they sputter. Neither could Corpse-y McCain or 1% Romney, but you backed them all the way. And, even if they had won, they would have just set the country's poison infusion to steady instead of speedy. Republicans prefer slow demographic death to the Democrats' quick demographic death. That's the two-party-system's approach to mass immigration, two settings only - steady or speedy. HAHA! That's what we should call Bush III and Hillary (your ZOG appointed candidates for 2016) - Jeb "Steady" Gonzalez and Hillary "Speedy" Gonzalez.


  1. in regards to cuck jeb bush , that fag is selling guacamole bowls for $75 to fund his campaign,
    no one is saying trump is perfect but he is the only choice, vote for any other so called republican and you will get that dyke clinton

    i was a big fan of George bush, yes he was a jew lover but he was a great character

    1. At least George II married a White woman. Jeb married his maid.

  2. In the interest of journalism, do you have any more upskirt shots of Megyn Kelly? When she was young--her age is starting to show..

    1. In the interest of journalism, I have tried. But I couldn't find any other picture in which she wasn't menstruating all over the place. Odd.

  3. if you remember President (candidate at the time) Obama said that they were still doing an investigation and did not have all the information.
    Candy screwed up and Romney was totally wrong