Thursday, August 20, 2015

Passing for Black: Shaun King


He's either the male version of Rachel Dolezal, or the victim of a conservative conspiracy.

Those are the two views the world has of Shaun King, a leading voice in the Black Lives Matter movement, who has been accused of misrepresenting his race and passing for black when he's actually white.

King has said in interviews that he's biracial, with a white mother and a black father. But this week websites, including and the Daily Beast, alleged that King's father is white.
Breibart published what it says is King's Kentucky birth certificate, listing Jeffery Wayne King as the father, but the document doesn't list his race. The Daily Beast said public records it reviewed show that King's father is Caucasian. 

By my Dark And Terrible God Of ironY (DATGOY), so this is what it has come to. In just fifty years, we have gone from Amerikwans trying to pass as White, to Amerikwans trying to pass as Black.

Looking at the photos of the parents listed on his birth certificate, I would say both are swarthy Whites. In other words, no one is going to kick them out of a Klan meeting based on their appearance, but no one with a working knowledge of the 1-drop rule would be surprised to discover a nigger in the woodpile (or a muzzie, or a kike, or featherhead - someone brown and non-indigenous-European). The dark, dead eyes of his alleged father look very beanerish in my opinion. Further, my immediate impression of Shaun King is that he is not quite White due to his sallowness, and he is trying to make himself appear more niggerish by his grooming choices. But let's face it - strangely brown Whites are the majority of White people in the world, whether or not they possess a recent non-White ancestor. That suggests that Whiteness must either be denied these people out of an abundance of caution, or extended to them (with varying degrees of caution) so as to not exclude one of our own who's phenotype does not conform to our ideal.

Back on topic - was King's mother a mudsharking adulteress, making him biracial as he claims?

No 2 siblings in my family have the same set of parents. We're all over the place. Some of us are not even blood relatives.

Well, if he is lying - he has besmirched his family's reputation by accusing his mother of being a trollop. And if he isn't lying, that still doesn't mean he is biracial - as the racial makeup of his true father might be as complex as his own. From reading varied sources on this story, there are several competing ways of viewing the racial truth in this matter.

1) If you believe you are a dolphin, you are a dolphin. (The Rachel Dolezal defense.)
2) The birth certificate tells the whole story.
3) A DNA test will settle this. 
4) The truth is no one's business / Race Doesn't Exist

I don't care what the truth is in this matter. To me, he is merely an off-white whigger leftist - which is reason enough to despise him. His physical and mental ugliness allow me to readily believe he is just what he claims to be - a member of the Black race. What I truly care about is that the destruction of White Western Civilization has been progressing so rapidly that within my lifetime Amerikwans have reversed the course of "passing" so that members of our society are now desperately attempting to be identified (whether physically or just mentally) with the ugliest, most brutish, most contemptible element of our society - the nigger. That is the measure of our decline.

Now, I shall go make the rounds of the White Whateverist Web and see what my peers have to say about this matter. I wonder what the prevailing wisdom will be? I shall post some of the results on the Unrectified Reports page.


  1. This fag is white, but i thought race was an illusion of the mind
    if this is true then why are the leftards so desperate for him to be black?
    The birth certificate wont prove shit, we've seen that with bathhouse Barry
    Either way the guy is a loser, black lives matter? ha ha ha!
    we could consult our good friend bruce jenner, what say ye caitlyn?

    1. Nope, sorry, it is too late for him to be White. Just like Rachel Dolezal. I have banished him into Niggerdom. And as the only White person left on Earth who will admit to being a White Supremacist, it's my call. =D

  2. The question is: What is a Mahna Mahna? The question is: Who cares?

    1. “Mahna Mahna” How a ditty from a soft-core Italian movie became the Muppets’ catchiest tune.

  3. where da fried chicken beez at?

    i dont know how or why this wigger can call himself a nigger
    look at his hair, its not curly or nappy headed, just cut very short
    and he does not sound like a nigger, lets call him an honorary nigger and be done with it, no great loss to the white race

    1. Ha! That interviewer has more black blood than Shaun King does, but I think Shaun is doing a good job channeling his inner 14% Negro. Its the best he can do without applying shoe polish to his face.