Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Discriminate Today

Today, while driving home through the niggertown near my workplace, I witnessed a 40-something, chubby White woman in inappropriately tight clothes, sitting in the stands of a feetsball field. Immediately I thought, "She must have a mudling on the team." And, because I am The Matrix, a mulatto teenager (~13-15 years of age) ran off the field up to his mudwhale mama, grabbed her arm, and sat down beside her. And it occurred to me, being a racist is like being a freaking fortune teller.

While I mulled this over, it occurred to me that the real prognostic ability comes not merely from being able to see the difference in races and thereby predict how their behavior will drive outcomes, it comes from a fundamental ability to discriminate in general. We use discrimination all the time - to tell the fresh produce from the spoiled, a quality pair of shoes from a cheap imitation, a sky that looks like rain from one that does not. Only when it comes to using our discriminating ability on people does it become taboo, and we will be demonized by our own kind, and even punished by the legal system for using our ability to discriminate.

Ostensibly, the leftist idea is that discriminating against a person is idiotic because people are so much more complex than the product of their labors, or the processes of the natural world. But this argument quickly falls apart when outcomes are introduced. If I, the wicked evil racist, see ten black kids and ten white kids given the same basic math test, my powers of discrimination tell me that the white kids will score higher as a group. My opinion would be reversed if the challenge was changed to a basketsball game.

Now, if I am correct, and even if ten repetitions of this experiment produce the exact same outcome I prophesied, the leftist who called me idiotic would simply move the goal post down the field and say the differences were not caused by race but by racism, ignoring that my predictive ability came not from knowing the history behind the current state but simply by observation of the current state. This is exactly the same mechanism that lets me look at two groups of produce and determine one will taste terrible because it is spoiled. I don't have to know that the spoiled produce was not refrigerated in order to know it is spoiled - I simply have to have a basic ability to discriminate.

So please, remember that when a leftist accuses you of being a racist, a bigot, a discriminator, s/he is simply trying to rob you of a defense mechanism that would prevent you from being dominated and exploited by him/her. The leftists have no interest in THE truth, which your senses can help you determine on your own. The leftists' only interest is in THEIR truth, which requires you abandon your senses and be led blindly to your demise.


  1. You cant avoid the groid its impossible, you might have to follow corn on the cobb and build your own whitey only town

    Adreydreysburg? though burg might attract the kikes

    You are giving the leftists too much thought, the simple answer to their behavior is they are filthy commie cocksuckers who hate straight whites

    1. Burg might attract kikes - HA!

      Indeed, you have summarized leftist behavior very succinctly, but my thoughts were with Whities who don't realize they are being manipulated by said filthy commie cocksuckers.

  2. I play this game at IKEA. I'll see either a cetacean white chick or one all gussied up in enough makeup and weird clothes to qualify as a Spider from Mars and usually talking in a loud nasal voice about minutiae of decorating...

    ...and I lurk behind the SNORRSBO and FLURGBIKK displays to watch for the buck. Spouse and I call it Buckburner Bingo, and when we spot four in a row, we yell BINGO and head to the cafe for coffee and apple pie.

    The other one is the bag ladies accompanied by runty ugly gangsta-dressed muzzie guys who instinctively drop their eyes when openly gazed at by two strapping Nordics. They know they're inferior. It's a pleasure to remind them.

    Having said that, our main reason for going to IKEA is to see all the Turd Whirled parasites filling their carts with "Scandinavian" cheap consumer crap. It's a kind of totem/fetish thing, we suspect. Or as one liberal Obama voter said in my presence the day after the election in '08, "We all black now!!!"

    Mhm. Sure you are.

    1. They all niggers now, certainly.

      Again, there is just a certain look that you can tell a White woman has no class and no sense of shame. When you see this, you know there is a non-White somewhere in tow.

      Conversely, there is also a kind of weak, nerdy, hipsterish look that can tell you a White guy can't get a decent White woman. When you see this, there is usually an Asian chick in tow.